14 Awesome family fun day places in Tbilisi

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14 Awesome family fun day places in Tbilisi

Looking for family attractions in Georgia? Well, Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, is the perfect city. The city has been identified as one of the top tourist destinations in Georgia. Tbilisi lies on the banks of River Kura and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The green hills and stunning mountains are a perfect sight for outdoor lovers.

Modern architecture and ancient buildings sit at the heart of this city in ideal co-existence, reflecting its rich yet diverse culture. The fantastic hospitality of the people from Tbilisi will leave you wanting to have more of their delicious cuisines. The hidden bars and great wine provide just the perfect way for unwinding. Here are the best family attractions and kids places to explore in Tbilisi.

1. Mtatsminda Park

Topping our list of most iconic children places in Tbilisi is Mtatsminda Park. The amusement park lies atop Mount Mtatsminda overlooking Tbilisi and with a great TV tower at its helm. The amusement facility has three zones; family, kids, and extreme zones. The big Ferris Wheel, water slides, and roller coaster at the mountain’s edge give a splendid view of the city. Riding on the funicular from Daniel Chonqadze Street offers superb scenery, especially with the sunsets. The funicular ride is just what you need to see the gorgeous Tbilisi. A ride on the funicular costs about 6 Lari and has a capacity of sixty people per trip.

The kids can get to ride the happy train and play in the water slides while enjoying the scenic views. Mtatsminda’s wedding hall is definitely among the best places to hold your nuptials with its beautiful interior decor and green gardens. The fancy cafes and bars provide a serene space for entertainment for people of any age with a picturesque view of the city.

2. Lisi Lake

If you are searching for children places full of nature and diverse fauna, consider Lisi Lake. It provides habitat to a variety of animals and exotic birds. For bird lovers, this is a perfect place to visit for bird watching while taking lazy walks. The café-bars are amazing entertainment joints that are family-friendly. The climbing wall is also an excellent joint for sporting, especially for the children.

The cycling paths provide a perfect place for mountain biking with the family. Also, it serves as an excellent place for running around the lake and working out. The small lake also offers a serene place for swimming and taking hot baths while enjoying the sunsets. Lisi Lake is one of the best places for chilling in the city while enjoying nature and beautiful views.

3. Narikala Fortress

Also known by the name Mother Fortress of Tbilisi, Narikala offers one of the best panoramas within this city. Note, Narikala fortress building was begun around the 4th century when the town was being established. It was then expanded by King David, the builder in the 12th century. The existing structures date back to the 16th century.

The St Nicholas Church, originally built in the 13th century, offers a place for enjoying ancient architecture as the internal part is decorated with frescos showing the history of Georgia. Sunsets at this “Little Fortress” are nothing short of awe-inspiring. The Narikala tourist route that runs from the fortress to the Old Town offers breathtaking views, especially at night, when the city lights illuminate it.

4. Gino Paradise

Gino Paradise doubles as a water park and a relaxation center. It is one of the largest water centers in Eastern Europe. It’s located along the Tbilisi coastal zone, thus offering maximum comfort to the customers. It is equipped with a spa center and unique saunas that are stunningly beautiful. The fitness center provides an absolutely fantastic space for keeping healthy. Also, the food courts here offer diverse cuisines, with the food tasting as lovely as it is presented. The amazing wine here sums it up, providing an exceptional dining experience.

5. The Georgian National Museum

Undeniably, museums in Georgia are top kids places you want to explore with your little ones. Located in the city center, Georgian National Museum is a perfect place to learn the history and culture of Tbilisi. A visit to Tbilisi without visiting the museum is half the experience. The museum has three floors of beautiful wall paintings and nicely set up sculptures. Medieval works of art and science preserved in this place are enchanting.

The well-curated museum consists of an art gallery, four historic homes, and ten museums. The museum is heaven for jewelry lovers as it exhibits ancient adornments from Colchis. In the basement, archaeological treasures marred gold and silver stones from burials that date back to the third century. The ground floor exhibits skulls from the early man in Europe.

6. National Botanical Garden

The Tbilisi Botanical Garden lies on the southern foothills of Sololaki Range. To the East of this garden is Narikala Fortress and bits of the old royal garden. It offers a perfect environment for family picnics and relaxation. The waterfalls, roses, conifers, and lilacs create an attractive and serene atmosphere. For sports lovers, there is a climbing rock at the heart of the garden. For an adrenaline-pumping experience, there is a zip line that goes down from the Narikala Fortress to the garden. Walking paths, arranged between blooming gardens and lush greenery, provide a scenic place to hike on. The garden children’s places are equipped with swings, electric cars, and cycling routes, creating an exciting and enjoyable experience for them.

7. Abanotubani

Popular for its historic Sulfur baths and spectacular views, this place offers a rejuvenating experience for its visitors. The Sulfur waters covered by white and royal blue mosaics are exquisite! The waters are believed to be medicinal since even the great Kings who ruled there before would come here to rest. It consists of five baths; Royal Bath House, Bakhamaro Baths, Orbeliani Baths, Sulfur Baths, and Bathhouse Number 5. The fragrant smell of Sulfur, pampering massages, warm baths, and cozy restaurants ensure you have a more than refreshing experience.

8. Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater

This would be perfectly described as a major point of interest in Georgia. Established by Rezo Gabriadze, a famous Georgian playwright and film director, it is well known for its phenomenal puppet performances. Profound issues in society are captured epically by the puppets. The handcrafted puppets bring to life incredible shows crafted in a Georgian approach to capture the hearts of theater art lovers. Over time, the theater has gained worldwide recognition from the mature puppet performances that bear depth and meaning. This, coupled with the architectural design of the theater, makes any visit to this piece of art a wholesome experience. Though having a capacity of about 80, the theater is one of the world’s major cultural institutions and has gained respect from international audiences.

9. Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral

Sitting on a hill, the magnificent Sameba Cathedral is one of the most notable family attractions in Tbilisi. Built-in 2004, it’s the highest church in Georgia with a height of 101 meters. Its golden dome can be seen from any point of Tbilisi. It’s situated atop the hill of St Ilya on the banks of River Kura. The Sameba Cathedral is considered a symbol of the new Georgia as its architectural design combines both traditionalism and modernism.

The foundation of the church is made of rocks from River Jordan and soil from Jerusalem. The faces of the cathedral are exquisite with amazing fretwork. Interior décor has dazzling frescos with an elegant image of the Holy Virgin at the entrance. Breathtaking views from the cathedral after dark are calming to the soul and easy on the eyes.

10. Rustaveli Avenue

Named after Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli, it is located at the heart of Tbilisi and thrives with the life of the city. It is spotted with cultural buildings, government offices, theaters, cafes, and public spaces. The avenue begins at Freedom Square, stretching through for about 1.5 kilometers to Kostava Street. It hosts the Rustaveli Cinema, the greatest cinema in Georgia.

Rustaveli Avenue is home to at least five theaters, including the world-renown Georgian National Opera theater and Ballet Theater. Despite being a busy street, its eye-catching architecture hardly goes unnoticed. The old parliament building of Georgia and the Simon Janashia Museum are among the imposing facades of this avenue. Rustaveli is one of the best family attractions in Tbilisi, holding several outdoor exhibitions. The avenue is home to a wide range of eateries, and the cafes here are famous for their flavorsome meals.

11. Metekhi

Metekhi is described as the most picturesque place in Tbilisi. The Metekhi church, rich in history, is a Georgian Orthodox church located on the banks of the Kura River. The architecture is in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape as the church fascinatingly looks like a growing continuation of a cliff. Ancient Georgian rock carvings, characteristic to the 12th century, have been used for the exterior decorations. It symbolically resembles the church built on Virgin Mary’s tomb in Gethsemane. A bronze statue of Vakhtang Gorgasali, the city’s founder, stands in front of the temple.

Metekhi is known for its old-style hotels and amazingly beautiful views, especially at night. The magnificent Narikala Fortress is visible to the north. At the upstream end of Metekhi Bridge, you see the Bridge of Peace across the river. Looking down on the bridge, you’ll see the presidential place with its enthralling egg shape. The serenity and quietness of the surrounding are just perfect for unwinding from the noise and bustles of the city.

12. Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi

Are you one to be excited by adrenaline-provoking and fun-filled kid’s places? Then, the Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi is a must-do. It’s a guaranteed fun space for the kids The tramway runs from the Rike Park to the Narikala Fortress, with views of Kura River, the Bridge of peace, and Sameba Cathedral. It is a faster alternative way of getting to the fortress instead of walking up a hill. The view from the top is served with a picturesque view of the whole city.

The cable car is speedy, and a ride takes about 1.5 minutes. Besides, the cost of a drive is relatively affordable. Safety is upheld since the cable cars are not allowed to operate when the winds are strong. The tramway is the best way to see the city with a bird’s eye viewpoint and carries exhilarating panoramas that you shouldn’t miss out on.

13. The Bridge of Peace

Running over the Kura River, the Bridge of Peace is an unusual steel and glass bow-shaped pedestrian bridge that stretches about 156 meters. It’s a relatively new construction that you wouldn’t want to miss in Tbilisi. It serves as a cross point between Rike Park and Old Town. The bridge has about 10000 LED bulbs built-in that are switched on 90 minutes before sunset. Pulsating lights from the bulbs communicate a message in Morse code, showing elements in the periodic table that make up the human body. The designer, Michele De Lucchi, created the bridge to broadcast the message “life and peace among nations.” The bridge gives awe-striking views of Tbilisi during sunrise, sunset, and at night.


14. Old Town

At the foot of a hill capped by the Mother Fortress of Tbilisi, is a maze of narrow streets characterized by brick houses with wooden balconies. The wooden doors look archaic, and the architecture is a combination of Asian culture woven with European architecture. Most of the structures here appear cracked and creaky yet still provide enchanting and delightful views.

Some parts of the Old Town have, in the past, been renovated and somehow appear like a Disney land labyrinth. Walks through the museums, exquisite old churches, cathedrals, and wooden houses are informative adventures; particularly regarding the 19th-century architecture. The lovely cobblestone paths and alluring views romanticize evening strolls. To the west of Old Town is Sololaki, which has irresistible views for taking photographs. Nights at Old Town are lively and fun-filled with numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars with excellent music, food, and drinks.


Endowed with many eye-catching and thrilling family attractions, Tbilisi has to be one of the best travel destinations. The stunning views, rich history, and warm-hearted people make Tbilisi a perfect city to visit. The magical Tbilisi’s nature will keep you speechless. So, be sure to add the above family attractions in Tbilisi to your 2020 bucket list.

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