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Borjomi, Georgia



Between the Great Caucasus Mountain Range in the north and the Lesser Caucasus Mountains in the south, it’s a well-known fact that Georgia is a very mountainous country. Georgia is rich in water resources as well. You’ll find numerous fast-paced rivers that provide the perfect opportunity for rafting all over Georgia. The history of rafting or “Jomadi” as Georgians call it, starts from the ancient times when rivers were used to transport goods between settlements. The popularity of rafting as a sport started to rise in the 80s when Georgia was still part of the Soviet Union. Today rafting is considered one of the most popular extreme activities in the country. Rafting is a unique undertaking to discover Georgia’s stunning nature from within. No matter in which part of Georgia you find yourself, you will be able to find a cold mountain river to ride, take you through some of the stunning Georgian countrysides and help you discover hidden gems of the local flora and fauna. The Borjomi rafting route follows the Mtkvari river. It starts out in Chitakhevi village and runs through the Likani National Park. This route is perfect for those who are looking for a moderate route and families with kids older than 6 years and taller than 160 cm.

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Cancellation within 4 Day(s) before the date of arrival 0% will be charged.

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