Sighnaghi, Georgia



Spend a full day exploring the beautiful Kakheti region. Visit Bodbe Monastery, the religious and cultural centre and one of the major pilgrimage sites in Georgia. Enjoy the peaceful garden and beautiful views of the Alazani Valley. Feel loved in the city of love –  Sighnaghi. Walk the cobbled streets framed by unique architecture in one of the most beautiful small towns in Georgia and revel in the beautiful views of the Caucasus mountains.

Professional driving services

Sit back and enjoy the views while we do the driving for you.

Traditional cuisine

Taste the explosion of flavours that make Georgian cuisine so special.


Explore your surroundings in a healthy and eco-friendly way.

Splendid views

Capture the raw beauty of the Georgian landscape unfolding before you.

This tour includes

  • High class driving professional
  • Museum tickets
  • Refreshing beverages
  • Free Wi Fi
  • Wine/Chacha tasting
  • Certified tour guide
  • 10% discount code for your next trip with Tour Guide Georgia

This tour doesn't include

  • Child car chairs
  • Dinner with Georgian entertainment program
  • Photographer


Departure from Tbilisi at 11 AM.
Bodbe Monastery is one of the most important religious sites in Georgia. It houses the remains of St. Nino, the most central figure in Georgia’s conversion to Christianity, who devoted her life to healing people and preaching Christianity throughout the country.

Sighnaghi is a small idyllic town in Georgia's easternmost region of Kakheti. Settled since the Paleolithic period, nowadays it is a popular weekend getaway for many Georgians as well as a beloved destination for tourists. The narrow cobbled streets and the characteristically Georgian houses with their wooden balconies and vivid facades look like something straight out of a fairytale. No surprise Sighnaghi has become one of the top locations for destination weddings.
The Sighnaghi wall, built to protect the town from invaders, is the longest surviving wall after the Great Wall of China.
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The Sighnaghi Museum was founded in 1947 and upgraded to fit modern museum standards In 2007. Today the museum houses interesting exhibits on Kakheti archaeology and history as well as whole 16 paintings by the world famous Kakheti-born artist Niko Pirosmani. It’s the biggest collection of his work after the National Gallery in Tbilisi.
Tour ends in Tbilisi at 6 PM.

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