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Are you a natural history lover? Does the mention of ‘fossils’ make your heart skip a beat? Or maybe you just enjoy long walks in nature? This four-day getaway tour has got it all!
Dinosaur footprints, canyons, mesmerizing waterfalls, diverse flora and fauna, beautiful routes for trekking, and caves, so many caves! Take a boat across the underground lake to get a closer look at the stalactites and stalagmites in Prometheus’ cave. Visit Okatse and Martvili canyons famous for their magnificent wild nature and extraordinary wandering routes. Enjoy a dip in the quiet waters of local lakes or a climb up the steep rocks.

What about a bit of local history while we are at it? Visit Kutaisi, the second largest city in Georgia after Tbilisi and the capital of the Colchis Kingdom in the 2nd millennium BC. In Gelati Academy and Monastery complex, you will find yourself at yet another UNESCO World Heritage site. For a long time, Gelati Monastery was one of the main cultural and intellectual centres of Georgia, where some of the most renowned Georgian theologians, scientists and philosophers were educated.


Our experienced drivers and comfortable cars will ensure your safe journey from/to the airport.


Spend a night at a comfortable hotel or guesthouse

Traditional cuisine

Taste the explosion of flavours that make Georgian cuisine unique


Explore your surroundings in a healthy and eco friendly way

Great outdoors

Revel in the unique beauty of Georgian nature

This tour includes

  • Overnight stay at a 3/4 star hotel
  • High class driving professional
  • Museum tickets
  • Certified tour guide
  • Wine/Chacha tasting
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Beverages
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This tour doesn't include

  • Child car chairs
  • Dinner with Georgian entertainment program
  • Photographer


Our driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the hotel.
Depending on the time of your arrival, you'll be welcomed with a traditional lunch or a dinner with Georgian entertainment program.
Departure from Tbilisi hotel
Joseph Stalin’s house-museum located in the town of Gori stores personal items belonging to the leader. Here visitors will also have a chance to see the famous bulletproof train carriage he travelled in.

Uplistsikhe cave town s the first settled area mentioned in manuscripts dating from 2nd millennium BC. The town was an important point on the trade route linking Byzantium, India and China. The archaeological excavations uncovered several layers dating from the Early Iron Age to the late Middle Ages.

The drive through the Rikoti Pass is a very authentically Georgian experience. Here you’ll find locals selling handmade wooden baskets and ceramic crafts on the side of the road. It’s like a small permanent art fair.

Kutaisi is the second largest city in Georgia. Its history goes back to the 2nd millennium BC when it was the capital of the Colchis, the very kingdom Jason sailed to for his quest to find the Golden Fleece.

We’ll have a nice relaxing dinner at a local restaurant in Kutaisi.
Overnight stay in Kutaisi.
Breakfast at the hotel.
Departure after breakfast.
Martvili is a small town in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti province of Western Georgia.
It’s famous for the canyon, a unique natural attraction and protected area that has been formed by the fierce Abasha river. The water has shaped the landscape into a glorious gorge with canyons, caves and waterfalls.

Located in Western Georgia, near the village of Gordi, Okatse canyon is another nature made wonder that should be on every visitor’s bucket list. With its magnificent wild nature, astonishing waterfalls and breathtaking views it’s the perfect place for a relaxing walk through nature. The few beautiful bridges made of natural stone will lead you over the river and provide a great spot to take a photo.

For dinner, we’ll return to Kutaisi where once again you will be able to expand your knowledge of Georgian cuisine.
Overnight stay in Kutaisi.
Departure after breakfast.
Have a peek at the authentic side of Kutaisi. At the farmer’s market, you can buy everything from locally produced fruit and vegetables to homemade sweets and delicious Imeretian cheese.

Dating back to the 12th century, Gelati Monastery is one of the first educational hubs in Georgia.
The complex included an Academy, where some of the most renowned Georgian theologians, scientists and philosophers have graduated from.

Bagrati Cathedral, named after the first King of united Georgia – Bagrat the Third, was very cleverly constructed on the top of a hill, so it would be visible from every part of Kutaisi city. It’s over 10 centuries old and like many other places to visit in Georgia, is also included in UNESCO World Heritage sites list.

Sataplia is a national reserve located north from Kutaisi. It’s main attraction are the
dinosaur footprints which can be viewed on the territory of the museum.
At the park’s heart lies the 900 m long Sataplia cave, which contains a great variety of stalactites and stalagmites. Colourful lights that illuminate the rocky structures turn nature’s beauty into a fascinating spectacle.

According to the local retelling of the famous Greek myth, Prometheus was kept here in one of the caves as the punishment for giving mankind fire. Today Prometheus caves are one of the most popular natural attractions and largest caves to visit in Georgia. Here you can witness nature in all its primal beauty - stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, underground rivers, and lakes.
Arrival in Tbilisi in the late evening.

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