What Are the Best Breakfast Places in Tbilisi?

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What Are the Best Breakfast Places in Tbilisi?

Georgia is known around the globe as one of the best countries to get your culinary fix.

More so, Tbilisi is known as the hotspot within Georgia to find some of the best meals you’ll ever eat. It’s even managed to find its way onto lists of the most fascinating places in Georgia.

Breakfast choices are no exception to the rule. Tbilisi restaurants are filled with delicious options to get your morning fill in and start the day right.

So, what are the best breakfast places in Tbilisi? Through this guide, we’ll be exploring Tbilisi’s breakfast scene with an in-depth review of the best places to eat breakfast.

Let’s begin.

Hurma Café

Hurma Café is a modern café that is located in the heart of Tbilisi. Ironically, it will also please your heart from the second the flavor and scent wafts by your nose.

It provides affordable food that is both filling and healthy.

The highlight of the Hurma Café is the variety of foods they offer on their menu. Everything from traditional sirniki (pancakes), oatmeal, sausage, and traditional American foods can be found here.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’ll find something to your liking at the Hurma Café.

Its central location also means that this café is easily accessible and won’t be out of your way for most of the activities within the city.


Strada boasts a wide variety of customers.

You’ll find businessmen and women having a professional lunch and a family of five chatterings away on the other side of the restaurant.

The informal yet classic atmosphere provides a great area for many occasions. Often times, it’s a packed house during the evening and afternoon hours.

Because of this, many locals and tourists alike don’t frequent it as often as they should. An unknown fact to many is that Strada offers a delectable breakfast as well.

The menu isn’t as large as others, but it doesn’t sacrifice anything on the quality and taste of their food. Waffles, eggs, and other traditional breakfast foods are served and they won’t leave you disappointed.

Café Rustaveli

If you’ve been on Freedom Square, or plan to be there, you need to stop at Café Rustaveli for a cultural experience that comes with all the food you want from a Tbilisi restaurant.

They serve breakfast as well as brunch. Don’t worry if you’re running behind one morning, you’ll still have all the foods you’re looking for.

The restaurant mixes several European and Oriental cultures to create this wonderfully-blended café. If you’re a die-hard Georgian lover, don’t fret. The culture is completely visible through the décor as well as the food.

An interesting feature of Café Rustaveli is their menus. You’ll find that they provide different menus depending on the food you’re looking for. All different kinds of cuisine are available and you’ll be shocked by the sheer amount of options that are available to you.

Of course, if you’d like a side dish and a main entrée from a different menu, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Mix and match whatever foods you’re feeling that morning for the ultimate way to start your day.

Specific offerings include matsoni, specialty coffee, a variety of breakfast menus, croissants, pancakes, and other traditional breakfast foods that you’ve known and grown to love.

A highlight for Georgians will be the breakfast menus that differ based on the region of Georgia. No matter where you were born or where you’ve been, you’ll be able to have specific food from all different areas and regions of Georgia.

This is great for someone looking for an authentic cultural experience or for a Georgian looking to get a little taste of their hometown. It’s something that not nearly enough restaurants in Tbilisi offer.


Entrée is a chain of cafes that can be found all across Tbilisi. If you’re thinking that chains don’t stack up to local, independent restaurants, Entrée will be glad to prove you wrong.

This café and bakery will serve everything you want in a quiet, relaxing, and soothing environment. If there isn’t much of a crowd, the atmosphere can resemble that of a traditional Western coffee shop. Peace, quiet, good food, and excellent coffee.

A bonus of being a chain is that their locations are everywhere. They’re spread out throughout Tbilisi and can usually be easily accessible to anyone in the city. Simply look up which Entrée is closest to your location and you’ll be off to the races.

Fabrika Bar

Fabrika used to be much more than a friendly, relaxed place to grab breakfast.

Originally, Fabrika was functioning as a Soviet sewing factory. During the Soviet occupation, the building would be typically lined with workers sewing and mending different materials.

After it was a Soviet sewing factory, it was transformed into a multipurpose complex. This was when Fabrika was born.

It’s often seen as a trendy and hip place for many of the younger-generation to frequent. Neon signs, old-school-styled bar tops, and sophisticated design are some of the highlights to their décor.

This creates a modern, stylish, almost-futuristic look to a restaurant.

Typically, Fabrika functions as a bar. In the evening and night, it’ll be packed full of partiers ready to take the night.

However, a little known fact is that Fabrika also serves breakfast that doesn’t disappoint. It takes a modern approach to serve food with an a la carte buffet that serves almost anything you could want for breakfast.

Of course, traditional hangover foods such as greasy sausage, omelets, and fried foods will be offered. However, you’ll find that they also serve salads, homemade yogurt, pastries, and fruits.

Whether you had a rough last night or want a good morning, Fabrika Bar will be ready to serve.


Austrian-styled baked goods are a thing to dream of. Thankfully, Brotmeister makes that a reality thanks to Tbilisi’s rich, diverse culture.

The bakery won’t leave you hungry, but if you’re in the mood for hot foods you’ll find yourself pleased as well. Bruschetta with salmon, chicken sandwiches, cheese patties, porridge, and more are all options.

While it may not be Georgian-authentic, it’s a highlight to the inclusivity of other cultures within Georgia and Tbilisi.

Coffee Lab

A list of the best breakfast places in Tbilisi wouldn’t be complete without including a profound coffee shop.

Coffee Lab serves up some of the best coffee you’ll find in the region. They have dozens of different flavors and specialties that will make your body crave for more.

They’re known for roasting their own beans in-house to provide the freshest coffee possible. They offer unique flavors as well as the ones you’ve grown to love. Any lover of Coffee is going to leave Coffee Lab as a satisfied customer.

The coffees are all modernly named. The V60 and Vacuum Pot as some hot sellers. Not only are their naming trends modern, but the entire restaurant is also.

The décor matches that of a coffee lover’s dream. It’s relatively quiet and a perfect spot to sit down and get some work or reading done. In the same vein, it doesn’t sacrifice a unique, trendy décor. It’s an atmosphere that aims to please everyone, and it does a good job.

Beyond coffee, it serves traditional breakfast food such as rice pudding, Belgian waffles, yogurt, fruits, and porridge.


Similar to Fabkria Bar, Lolita capitalizes on those who drank the night before.

Lolita is located outside in Tbilisi’s courtyard. You’ll be able to eat outside all year round and they serve breakfast and brunch options until a later time than most breakfast places.

You’ll find many of the patrons with sunglasses on with last night’s outfit still shining into the morning. However, there are many other patrons who enjoy eating outside and taking in the beauty of the day.

Either way, Lolita will provide a stress-free start to your day as you let the sunshine onto your face as you enjoy the cool, morning breeze.

If you’re visiting Tbilisi in the colder months, don’t worry. Lolita provides some powerful heaters that pump out heat like no one’s business. Even on the coldest days, you’ll still be able to cozy up next to a heater and feel comfortable.


Tbilisi is well known for having some of the best French cuisines you can find all of Georgia.

Part of that is because of Paul. They’re a French chain of bakeries that operate internationally. You’ll find one in Tbilisi and a few more throughout the world. They’re a highlight of French culinary expertise and are well-known to provide the best croissants in the city.

If you’re a French-lover and find yourself craving some of the world-renowned cuisines, Paul is your spot.

It’s filled with the younger generation and the older alike. Good food knows no age ranges, only hungry stomachs.


Abkhazian cuisine can be found at Amra.

Founded by Abkhazian refugees, Amra offers a unique style of food that you won’t find at any other restaurant in the world, let alone Tbilisi.

Their food is a fusion of the Mingrelian food that Georgians eat in west Georgia and Abkhazian cuisine. This creates a delicious, unique, and exciting combination of flavors, textures, and favorites.

It may appear that the food is rustic, but it isn’t overly filling. It’s fresh and will satisfy you beyond expectation.

Beyond breakfast, they also offer dinner and late-night cuisine for those who find themselves bound to the moon.

Ambra is a cultural experience you won’t find outside of Tbilisi, we recommend this as a must-visit if you’re looking for places to visit in Georgia.


You’ll find Kikliko in the center of Tbilisi surrounded by a garden.

Kikliko is a traditional Georgian breakfast that consists of bread and eggs that are stuffed with vegetables, goat cheese, and meat. As you may guess, Kikliko specializes in serving this traditional dish. They certainly do a great job.

Beyond their specialization in Kikliko, they offer a variety of breakfast foods. This includes salads, eggs, waffles, and other standard breakfast foods.

If you’re looking for a peaceful start to the day, Kikliko will help you with their relaxing outdoor seating.

They offer outdoor seating in their garden, which is shaded underneath a tree that has stood guard for more than 100 years. Huge branches and a dense cover of leaves will shade you as you enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors.

If outside seating isn’t or you, they also offer indoor seating that is just as comfortable.

Because of Kikliko’s specialization in a Georgian food, you won’t find elsewhere, we recommend you make a visit here when you travel to Georgia.  It’s an authentic, Georgian experience that doesn’t leave anyone disappointed.

Rooms Hotel

Rooms Hotel is a trendy, modern hotspot for locals. You’ll find Georgians of all ages hanging out here and casually spending their time socializing around the restaurant

Breakfast and Brunch are served. They’re known for providing a relaxing atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

If you’re running late, don’t sweat it. The Brunch is just as magnificent as the breakfast.

Fried eggs and burgers, eggs benedict, and other traditional western food can be found on the menu if you’re missing home.

Their seating includes an outdoor garden for those wanting to start their day in the relaxation of mother nature.

Outside of breakfast, Rooms Hotel is known for being a lively lounge and bar for those taking on the night. It lands on the must-visit list for many people looking for things to do in Georgia.

If you’re wanting a relaxing spot to grab some drinks with a perfect solution to a hangover, Rooms Hotel can provide you with both.


Avocado is a hip, trendy spot for those who are looking for a peaceful atmosphere with a large variety of breakfast items.

While their name may misidentify them, Avocado doesn’t actually specialize in avocado meals. However, they do specialize in helping your taste-buds pop with flavor.

The interior is an open design that allows plenty of rooms for customers. You won’t feel crowded or have to yell over another family to talk to yours.

Their menu consists of a large selection of homemade treats. This includes pastries, grilled chicken, salads, and traditional Georgian food.

If you find yourself hating crowds and wanting to have a quiet meal to yourself or with friends and family, Avocado will help you finder your inner peace.

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