While Georgia remains a magnificent country thanks to the charm and strength of its people, its privileged positioning also played a significant role.

Located at the crossroads between Asia and Europe, this unique positioning brought as many blessings as vicissitudes. Regardless, it’s clear that it shaped life in the country as the locals know it, and it offers tourists a world of possibilities.

Visiting Georgia involves breathing its fresh air, enjoying the lush green of its meadows, and the crystalline beauty of its waters.

Hop in, and discover what the country has to offer.


Georgia is a country of approximately 69,700 square kilometers. For reference, that is only slightly larger than the United States’ West Virginia, and a tad bit smaller than the Republic of Ireland.

As previously discussed, Georgia is located in South Caucasus — right between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is bounded to the north by Russia and the Greater Caucasus Mountains, to the south by Armenia and Turkey, east by Azerbaijan, and west by the Black Sea.

Since the country is mostly located atop the Caucasus Mountains, the topography of the region is highly varied and naturally mountainous, with its highest point being Mount Shkhara at 5.2 km. Regardless, the country also has a large plain in the Kolkhida Lowland, making it one of the most typographically diverse countries of the region.


The benefits of Georgia’s geographical positioning are reflected in its climate.

The Greater Caucasus range, located in the north of the country, acts as a barrier that protects it from the cold northern winds. At the same time, the warm winds coming from the Black Sea penetrate the country from the west.

The combination of both elements makes Georgia’s climate, on average, moderate and pleasant all year round. Regardless, the geographical diversity of the country allows for many different climatic zones, most of them dictated by altitude and distance from the Greater Caucasus and the Black Sea.

Western Georgia, due to the Black Sea’s proximity, has a subtropical and heavily humid climate with moderate to intense rainfall throughout the year. On average, midsummers are 22°C (72°F), and midwinters reach 5°C (41°F).

Eastern Georgia, on the other hand, is protected from the high humidity levels by its distance from the Black Sea. Additionally, its geographical diversity translates into substantial climate differences between areas according to elevation. In fact, some of these mountains boast of perfect weather conditions to make skiing in Georgia an unforgettable experience.

If you enjoy hiking or climbing up in Georgia’s mountains, then the best time to visit the Great Caucasus is from June to September. However, if you prefer hitting up the beach, then it’s better if you drop by from early July to late August.


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Georgia is, undoubtedly, a land blessed with unparalleled natural beauty.

The country’s privileged location and diverse terrain characteristics allow it to display an astonishing variety of landscapes within a couple of hours from one another. You can admire the lush vegetation of its meadows, and then turn your gaze to the ivory snow up high in the mountains.

It’s a beautiful contrast to behold.

Fertile forests are widespread across the entire country of Georgia, featuring species such as oak, beech, chestnut, Caucasian fir, apple, pear, amongst others. Similarly, there are over 2,600 species of fungi to be found in Georgian soil, and a rich and diverse fauna that ranges from wild boars, brown bears and wolves, to Caucasian species of deer and leopards.

As a consequence of this crucial natural diversity, over 7% of Georgia’s territory is made of protected areas, including 33 nature reserves, 11 national parks, 14 natural monuments, and two protected landscapes.

But, perhaps, the most eye-catching aspect of Georgian nature is its remarkable beauty. Outdoorsy folks can enjoy some of the best Georgia destinations available to enjoy fresh air and unparalleled splendor, such as the Prometheus Cave, or the Martvili Canyon.

Unparalleled natural spectacles, within your reach.

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