Shopping for local souvenirs is one of the simple pleasures of traveling. Souvenirs help us bring back memories of the destinations we have visited. Georgia is a great place to indulge in some shopping for unique souvenirs for yourself or as gifts for loved ones.

Are you wondering what to buy in Georgia that reflects the local culture? Visit our Georgian souvenir shop in Tbilisi at 44 Merab Kostava Street, and choose from our diverse range of Georgian souvenirs. Or order online in the comfort of your home or office, for the convenience of having them delivered to your door anywhere in the world.



Traditional Blue Tablecloths

For centuries, blue and white tablecloths have been an integral part of Georgia’s cultural heritage. Simple and beautiful, the tablecloths are named supra, after the traditional Georgian feast. Georgians modified the original cold-vat dyeing technique that originated in the East, adding their own characteristics. They used indigo paint to dye the cotton tablecloth blue, and then decorated them with patterns such as plants, birds, deer and other local motifs. Once forgotten, these traditional tablecloths have made a comeback and are now available in a wide selection at our Georgian souvenir shop.


Khanjali, the Georgian dagger with corresponding scabbard, is one of the most popular souvenirs for men. Serving as a fine compliment to a man’s bravery, this double-edged dagger formerly served as a weapon in ancient times. Dating as far back as the 3rd century BC, the dagger’s small size is reminiscent of the Roman gladius (short sword). It is important to buy the khanjali only from specialized tourist shops in Tbilisi, to avoid raising suspicion at the border. When you purchase your khanjali from our Georgian souvenir shop, you will be provided with certifying documents to ensure a hassle-free border crossing.

Wine Horns

As the birthplace of wine, Georgia has a strong wine-drinking culture. Traditionally, a drinking horn was used in Georgia to drink wine. Khantsi, the Georgian wine horn, is originally made from ram, goat or bull horns. It is adorned with silver cuffing, semi-precious stones and a chain, which adds a unique Caucasian charm. Souvenir versions at our Georgian souvenir shop come with beautiful wooden display stands. A symbol of well-being and wealth, the khantsi also has a sacred meaning: the ability to drink it to the bottom demonstrates the courage, maturity and resilience of a man.


It’s impossible to leave Georgia without a bottle of wine. Our Georgian souvenir shop offers wines to match everyone’s taste, including vintages from Kakheti, the motherland of wine. Traditional Georgian wine is made and aged in egg-shaped earthenware vessels known as kvevri. These vessels are then sealed and buried underground for 5-6 months to ferment. The result from this ancient wine-making process is spicy wines that make for the perfect Georgian gifts. Georgians also make wines using contemporary methods producing notable vintages such as Orgo Saperavi and Chateau Mukhrani.

Caucasian Carpets

In ancient times, Tbilisi was a famous trade hub through which carpets and rugs were imported. In the 18th and 19th centuries, camel caravans laden with carpets would stop in Tbilisi on their journeys from Asia towards the Black Sea. Today, our Georgian souvenir shop stocks a wide range of exotic Caucasian carpets of a high quality for your aesthetic pleasure. Our staff is very knowledgeable and will happily spread out the carpets for you to make a selection from the colorful palettes. If you enjoy combining ethnic elements into your home décor, this is just the Georgian souvenir for you.


A tradition of home-cooked meals means that Georgia overflows with a vast array of spices and herbs that give its cuisine a rich flavor and aroma. The bouquet of tastes offered by the richness of Georgian spices adds a unique twist to the dishes you cook. Keep your memories of Georgian cuisine alive by taking a bit of its scents and tastes with you. Our Georgian souvenir shop stocks a wide range of spices including the popular blue fenugreek and saffron. Grouped into mixes, the spices are packed along with recipes of famous Georgian dishes such as lobio (bean stew) and khinkali (soup dumplings).


Delicious and chewy, churchkhela is the most famous homemade sweet in traditional Georgian cuisine. Churchkhela is made from walnut halves threaded onto a long string and then dipped into pomegranate and grape juice mixed with flour. Tklapi, another local delicacy, is a thin pureed fruit sheet that is traditionally prepared from sour plums. For more variety of traditional candies, visit our Georgian souvenir shop and choose from a range of flavors from sour to sweet. Be sure to grab as many as possible from our souvenir shop as you are certain to miss the sweet taste of these Georgian candies.

Wool Hat

Perfect for cold weather, the papakha is a wool hat made from cream-colored sheepskin. The papakha is an ethnic headgear worn by men throughout the Caucasus. In Georgia, the papakha was common in the mountainous regions of Khevi, Mtiuleti and Tusheti. Traditionally when a man removed his papakha, it signaled the intention to woo a lady. The young man would fling their hat into the window of the lady they sought. If she kept the hat, it was deemed an acceptance of the proposal. Today, you can get your very own papakha from our souvenir shop as a keepsake from Georgia.

Enamel Jewelry

Dating back to the 8th century, Minankari is the art of handcrafted enamel manufacture, which combines melted glass with metals such as gold, silver and copper. Lost in the 15th century, this ancient art form was revived in the 20th century when practitioners began mixing traditional and contemporary techniques. The result was to create stunning enamel jewelry items that make for truly authentic Georgian gifts. Handcrafted to perfection, every piece from the minankari process retains the warmth and energy of the hands that it created it. Our Georgian souvenir shop sells a broad spectrum of exclusive pieces by talented Georgian jewelers and enamel artisans.

Felt Handicrafts

Georgia is famous for its handmade crafts made from felt, such as toys, colorful scarves, bags and other accessories. Popular in Georgia, it takes time to create a felt masterpiece. This is why prices may be high for felt crafts, although they are totally worth it. Just imagine how beautiful the delicate fabric of a felt scarf would look wrapped around your loved one’s shoulders… If you enjoy wearing bright accessories, you will love the range of felt crafts at our Georgian souvenir shop. Moreover, when you buy our beautiful felt handicrafts you also get to support local artisans.


From it rich archaic and ethnic roots, Georgian art has grown alongside the development of the country’s statehood. Without a doubt, the Georgian art of painting is unlike any other. Georgian painters have their own perspective of the world, as if they see it through magical lenses. The result is art works that are both realistic and magical all at once. Colorful, bustling and forever full of life, Tbilisi is a popular subject of Georgian paintings. Our souvenir shop offers a great choice of paintings by talented artists for the perfect Georgian token of remembrance.


Just for the fun of it, why not get yourself a pair of khinkali socks? Made with a print of khinkali, the traditional Georgian dumpling, khinkali socks are of good quality and make for unique Georgian gifts. Georgian socks add fun to your life with offerings of colorful and funny socks, rather than everyday boring pairs. The idea behind the socks is to put a smile on your face using creative designs with a touch of humor. Our Georgian souvenir shop also offers other Georgian-themed socks with interesting patterns such as Adjaruli Khachapuri, Niko Pirosmani (famous painter) and Chokha (traditional costume).


When shopping in Georgia, you are bound to come across tourist shops in Tbilisi stocking a wide range of delicious cheeses. Popular favorites include the classic sulguni and cheeses from the Imereti region. Depending on the packaging and flight carrier rules, you may be able to take them with you when you leave. Alternatively, you can shop online from our Georgian souvenir shop which offers a selection of amazing cheeses from the Javakheti region near Paravani Lake. We also have some rare types of cheese from the Tusheti and Kakheti regions including guda and dambali.

Traditional Clothes

Georgians have always had a good dress sense and could even manage to pull off a stylish look during the Soviet era. Although there are common features in the traditional costume, every region of the country has its own unique characteristics of clothing. Our Georgian souvenir shop offers traditional Georgian clothes tailored in the contemporary style. Here you can buy traditional clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children with a modern touch. If you prefer the casual style, our souvenir shop also has t-shirts with prints of old black-and-white pictures of Georgian noblemen and noblewomen wearing traditional attire.

Ceramic Kitchenware

Georgian ceramic making is an art form that is centuries old, but is still alive and well among the people. Kitchenware made from red clay, faience and porcelain is popular in Georgia. Perfect in their beauty, Georgian ceramic utensils are ideal for enjoying a simple yet filling traditional Georgian meal. Our Georgian souvenir shop offers a wide range of ceramic items with traditional Georgian elements. Each piece is unique and you can choose from an assortment of frying pans, plates, bowls, pots, mugs and jars. In particular, the khetsi, a clay pan used in ovens or hearths, makes for great Georgian gifts.

Interior Décor

If you’re shopping in Tbilisi for items to spruce up your home décor, look no further. Our Georgian souvenir shop stocks a wide selection of furniture and accessories in wonderful fabrics and colors. Choose from our assortment of sofas, tables, chairs and more, to help design a unique living space that perfectly blends your needs and taste. We also have smaller pieces that will easily fit into your suitcase such as ceramic cups, vases, clocks, posters, knitted blankets and more. Our interior décor selection is so immense that you are certain to find the perfect keepsake from Georgia.


Lovers of antiques will lose track of time browsing through the lavish and carefully selected odd and ends at our Georgian souvenir shop. Even if you cannot visit personally, you can still enjoy some shopping in Georgia from our website. Choose from an assortment of treasures including silverware, candlesticks, porcelain, figurines, books and coins. Antiques dating back from the end of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century make for the perfect Georgian token of remembrance.


Since ancient times, Georgian housewives have been making a variety of jams known as muraba. The jams were traditionally made during long cold evenings to savor the taste of summer with a hot cup of tea. Muraba comprises of processed sweet fruit, but with a more liquid consistency. With large slices or whole fruits floating in a sweet syrup, muraba is certainly worth tasting. If you enjoy local jams, be sure to pick up some muraba while shopping in Tbilisi. Our Georgian souvenir shop offers a delicious selection of Georgian jams. Popular favorites include the walnut, feijoa, pine cone and white cherry.


Shopping in Georgia is not complete without grabbing some delicious Georgian tea. Georgian tea is softer and sweeter in taste than other teas. It also has some citrus and fruity notes to it, such that you don’t really need to add anything extra such as milk or sugar. Our Georgian souvenir shop stocks a wide range of sweet and silky Georgian green and black teas that vary in flavor. Georgian green teas tend to have a honey essence with a toasty nuttiness, while black teas are notable for their winey, raisin sweet edge. We offer Gurieli, the most popular brand, as well as other good teas from the Guria region.

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