Paintball in Kazbegi

Stepantsminda, Georgia



Are bored of ordinary tourist activities like sunbathing on the beach or hiking in the mountains? Would you like to experience something more adrenaline-driven? If so, dive into the world of extreme entertainment with paintball. Paintball is an extreme and tactical sport that involves working with a team and of course, what's the most fun you'll get to shoot everyone with a marker gun until the opponents are painted in all the colors of the rainbow. passive activities and thrive for the pleasing dose of adrenaline if you're tired of lying on the beach or hiking in the mountains, check out one of the most enjoyable games there are paintball it's accessible its fun and is extremely satisfying. Feel like a navy seal while overcoming all sorts of challenging obstacles on your way to demolish the enemy base. Despite its ‘extreme’ reputation, paintball is actually a very safe way to get that kick of adrenaline. All participants wear protective uniforms to avoid any traumas. The shots are mostly painless as long as the participants follow the rules closely and don't take shots from a point-blank range. See you on the battlefield and wish you good luck.

Features Included

  • Adventure
  • Amusement
  • Outdoors
  • Sports


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Details & Booking

Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : After 10 AM
Duration : Any
Maximum number of people : Unlimited
Venue Facilities : Lounge, WC
Cancellation : Cancellation within 4 Day(s) before the date of arrival 25% will be charged.
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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 4 Day(s) before the date of arrival 25% will be charged.

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