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Winter sports play an important role in Georgian tourism. However, skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only way you can have fun visiting this diverse country. Coastal Georgia has a lot to offer to thrill seekers from all around the world, too. Scuba diving in the Black Sea is a somewhat new undertaking but it’s definitely an adventure worth going on. The beloved vacation spots of many natives and tourists, Batumi and Kvariati offer a great opportunity for divers to explore the deep ‘black’ waters of Póntos Áxeinos as the ancient Greeks called it. There are intriguing diving opportunities along the entire Black Sea coast of Georgia: shipwrecks in Kvariati, sunken Mussel farm in Gonio and Rock Alley in Sarpi. Anaklia, the annual host of the biggest music festivals in all of Caucasus GEMfest and Echowaves is another brand new area for extreme adventure lovers to explore. Beginners can try diving with dolphins in Batumi Dolphinarium, one of the cities hot tourist spots. More advanced divers who also prefer diving in still fresh water can test the waters in the famous Prometheus caves. This cave system near Kutaisi offer two underwater passages of different difficulty to explore. One is 35 meters long and has 4 meters of visibility. The other more challenging passage stretches over 40 meters long, is up to 8 meters wide and leads to a beautiful underground lake. Georgia also happens to be the perfect place for altitude diving. Quite a number of Georgian lakes are situated in the mountains begging to be discovered. So dive in and explore the colourful underwater world in Georgia.

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