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Pasanauri, Georgia



Squeezed between the Great Caucasus Mountain Range and the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, it’s hardly a secret that Georgia is full of mountains. Here you’ll also find an impressive number of extremely fast-flowing rivers fed from glaciers in the surrounding highlands. Often times the water races from as high as 5000 meters creating a powerful flow and the perfect opportunity for rafting. Rafting or “Jomardi” as Georgians call it, has traditionally been one of the man’s earliest ways to transport goods and people relying solely on nature and its resources. The popularity of rafting as an extreme sport in Georgia started to grow in the early 1980s. Today rafting is one of the most sought out outdoor activities amongst locals and tourists alike. Besides being a sport and an enjoyable pastime, rafting is also a unique and very fun way to discover Georgia’s stunning landscapes. No matter which part of Georgia you are visiting, you will be able to catch a flow of a cold mountain river that will take you through some of the most amazing remote parts of the country. Racing down a mountain river, you’ll get to discover hidden gems of the local flora and fauna and marvel at the centuries-old churches and fortresses you’ll encounter. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, rafting in Georgia is for everyone. Safety is very important that’s why rivers are divided into categories from simple to very dangerous. We’ll help you choose the right destination based on your rafting skills. Amateurs can start small by exploring rivers Mtkvari or Aragvi just outside of historic Mtskheta. True lovers of the extreme can enjoy the rush of adrenaline in their blood as they ride down the rushing Rioni river, surrounded by the picturesque nature of Racha-Lechkhumi.

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