Life’s A Beach On Georgia’s Top Five Beaches

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Life’s A Beach On Georgia’s Top Five Beaches

Lots of people think that the ideal holiday is to spend days soaking up the golden beaches, working on their tans, showing off their well-toned bodies on the beach, be it swimming in the water, playing games on the glistening sands or just soaking up the sun and watching the world go by.

Georgia certainly boasts magnificent beaches. Many people who arrive for the first time at the beach expect to find sandy beaches only to discover that many Georgian shorelines are more pebbly than sandy – that in fact, things to pack in your beach bag should be suitable shoes, and maybe not a towel, but a yoga mat for better protection. Many people know, though, that these pebbly type beaches are the ones where the water is inclined to be much deeper closer to the shoreline. Moreover, the water is less salty. This makes swimming a real pleasure too, and then on top of that, you only get to see the occasional jellyfish. Other people, if they don’t feel like all the pebbles, also enjoy relaxing on the green sloping hills that surround a lot of the coastlines and enable you to have wonderful views.


Swimming isn’t the only pastime to think about on the beautiful beaches of Georgia. There are very exciting times to be spent yachting, taking long, relaxing walks in the mountains, visiting the parks around, or just relaxing by the sea, preoccupied with your own thoughts. The Black Sea resorts are pretty festive and lively in the summertime and there are plenty of arty restaurants and cafes right there, practically on the beach, which draws the tourists to them like a magnet. It’s because the good times never stop and they just continue into the night.

Great swimming times for Georgia beaches are from June and last till the end of September, so that’s four months of wonderful water times; some people enjoy it so much they stretch it a bit further starting from May and going till October when the water starts getting chillier.

If you want to know what the real Pearl of the Black Sea is, then look no further than Batumi. It’s one of the biggest tourist centers in Georgia. It’s a port city, but on the other hand, it literally attracts millions of sightseers to its shores, with its popularity reaching the peak in summer. This is when the sea is smooth like blue velvet, and the perfect weather allows visitors to depart with fabulous tans, looking the picture of health and relaxation. The pebble beaches of Georgia actually energize you with their natural forces – just wait till you see the exquisite beauty of the seashells that you pick up amongst the stones.

Let’s look at some of the top five beaches – we also threw in some accommodation too. But be warned, it’s not going to be easy for you to choose which one you will visit:


This is the favorite of many people. Why? Because it’s perfectly located with a great vibe, and the climate is ideal for beach lovers, subtropical, with water temperatures being around 25°C. The Kvariati beaches are noted for their clean air and their crystal-clear waters. And yes, the beach is pebbly, but Kvariati is considered as one of the best on the coastline of Georgia. Because of its deep-sea beaches, Kvariati is very popular with diving enthusiasts, particularly around the southern part of the beach where you get the only diving center in Georgia, located right next to the rocks.

Accommodation: Calypso Kvariati Inn

Things to see and do around Kvariati: (Just a few miles from the city center)

  • Batumi Beach
  • 6 May Park
  • Europe Square
  • Batumi University
  • Port of Batumi


Gonio is vibrant, and people love to congregate here, and chat, gossip and flirt as they spill out here from all the noisy clubs and bars around the place. You could say it’s got more of a social vibe to it than being a swimming place. However, Gonio is a pure little gem along the coastline and people love sitting on the slopes overlooking the sea. With the healing smell of the eucalyptus groves above the Gonio beach and the soothing mountain and sea breezes offering soothing, relaxing, healing effects, many people benefit here medically. They come here to recover from their respiratory problems, nervous conditions, and cardiovascular problems. Throw in the music from the clubs and bars; you get a mix of hip, romantic vibes.

Accommodation:  В ГОСТЯХ У РУСЛАНА

Things to see and do around Gonio:

  • Gonio Fortress
  • Dolphinarium
  • Batumi Boulevard
  • Ethnographic museum
  • Monument Ali and Nino
  • Europe Square
  • 6 May Park
  • Astronomical Clock
  • Piazza Square
  • Argo Cable car



Sarpi is pretty close to the border with Turkey. This beach has clear water and large waves, nice and clean and covered with pebbles. There are sunbeds and hammocks for a relaxing day – you can hire these for the day at around 1-3 GEL. There are also sofas if you really want to just chill out on the beach and watch the world go by, they’re around 7-10 GEL per hour.  There is not a whole lot of entertainment going on at this beach, so the older people love it, just to revel in its peace, beauty, and tranquility that it offers. Of course, there’s a nice little café there for some fast food to complete the picture. Other people love diving into the water from the cliffs along the shore because they are not very high, probably around 7 meters high – it’s a real thrill.

Accommodation: Guest House Lazika

Things to see and do around Sarpi:

  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Batumi Dolphinarium
  • Batumi Boulevard
  • Europe Square
  • Dancing Fountains, Batumi
  • 6 May Park
  • Gonio Fortress


Another name for this exquisite beach is Green Cape; it’s a famous resort in the west of Georgia, situated just 9 km from Batumi, which is the capital of the Adjara region. Mtsvane Kontskhi has emerald green slopes and greenery; you wouldn’t be surprised that with so much natural beauty, it is home to the botanical gardens as well. Thousands of tourists visit here each year. It is popular for swimming and sunbathing but people also love it for the diving opportunities and there are fabulous hotels or guesthouses with delicious food that you will find irresistible.

Accommodation: Guesthouse Mtsvane Koncxi 22

Things to see and do around Mtsvane Kontskhi

  • Batumi Botanical Garden.
  • Batumi Beach.
  • Borçka Karagöl Nature Park.


The Shekvetili beach is a lovely sandy beach if you prefer sand over the more pebbly type beaches. It has been touted that the sand, which isn’t white, but deep gold, is very good for treating some muscular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, the nervous system, paresis, and rachitis. Look beyond the beach, there are some pine forests that make the whole area beautiful and serene to look at, as well as keeping the temperatures at the beach desirable for a visit. The water here too is shallow, especially enjoyable for the kiddies. The kids will love continuing their fun times at the nearby Tsitsinatela Park. The season at this beach here starts in May when the water temperature reaches around 17ºC (63°F) and lasts till mid-October.

Accommodation: Blask Sea Bungalow Accommodation

Things to see and do around Shekvetili:

The hotels and Airbnb’s we added above are just fabulous examples of places to stay; there are way too many to enter- help yourself to a choice of hotels, guesthouses, and Airbnb’s; all for your comfort and choice – just an extension of your beautiful beach stay.


Georgia certainly has a magnificent coastline; it’s filled with history, culture, and wildlife. And there is many a beach which serves as a perfect weekend getaway. Not only are the Georgian beaches beautiful to look at, but they are tranquil retreats for wildlife and birdlife as well, which nature lovers so enjoy.

The summer is such a great time to take your vacation, with all its tempting and intriguing offers and excitement. Some people always head off to Europe, but try Georgia, and see if you don’t come back again! Here is something special, romantic, colorful and vibrant and it comes to you with open-hearted friendly hospitality from the Georgian people.

If you do decide to spend your beach holiday in Georgia, you are going to have one difficult decision – which of the coastal towns will it be? But this will depend on your preferences and plans because each one comes with its own advantages. If you are looking for a lovely quiet holiday with your family, you will love the small towns and villages like the ones mentioned above and the accommodation is superb. And if you prefer sandy beaches because you have kids who want to play in the sand, then there are Ureki, Shekvetili, and Magnetiti. There is something for everybody.

Come, come and ‘dance with the waves, move with the sea and let the rhythm of the water set your soul free’– in Georgia.

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