Top 11 Ways To Have Fun In Tbilisi

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Top 11 Ways To Have Fun In Tbilisi

There are many things to do in Georgia with the capital Tbilisi being the hotbed of culture, entertainment and history. It can also be a huge amount of fun with many great spots around the city to laugh and put a smile on your face.

Here we look at the top 11 ways to have fun in Tbilisi what will make your vacation a memorable one.

1. Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater

In the Old Town part of Tbilisi sits an amazing theatre called the Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater. It is the brainchild of renowned Georgian Rezo Gabriadze who is a famous director, writer, and artist who decided to design and create this theatre.

The outside of the theatre is enough to make you visit as it’s very quirky with a leaning clock tower that looks like it’s from a fantasy film. Outside the theatre is a café that is also worth a visit with its delicious hot drinks and fine food.

Inside the theatre, you’re going to get to see a puppet show. Most of the shows have subtitles but you’ll want to double-check that before you go. Tickets are hard to get online but you should be able to get them from the ticket office.

If you think a puppet show isn’t for you, you’d be surprised. It’s very fun and you’ll have a great time and get to sample some amazing Georgian culture.

2. Paintball

If you’re looking for a thrill then paintballing in Tbilisi would be a huge amount of fun. You’ll love pretending to be in the army while you sneak around trying to shoot your friends and paint them in a wide range of colors.

It’s very safe to play but will also get your adrenaline pumping. Protective clothing is required and it can be a great way to take a break from the slow and relaxing beauty of Tbilisi. It’s easy to book and you can do it at all times of the day.

The paintball center is situated just outside Tbilisi and it’s a great idea or organize some car rental in Georgia to make your life as easy as possible. It’s held outside and therefore you’ll get to experience some Georgian wildlife while you are there.

A wide range of groups can book and it’s available from 10:00 am and therefore you can do it at any time you want. It’s an amazing thing to do away from the usual tourist activities.

3. Biking

If you like to stay active while you’re on holiday then biking in Tbilisi would be perfect for you. The awesome thing about biking here is that you don’t have to go far to have incredible views of the Georgian landscape.

You can either decide to ride through the city itself or head out to the mountains and see something epic such as the mountains and countryside. You can rent the bikes from Lake Lisi which is a beautiful place to see in itself.

If you wanted to be more adventurous then you could even head way out of Tbilisi and enjoy the many cycleways that Georgia has to offer. It’s a fun way to see the history of Georgia and its epic landscapes.

If you wanted to stay near the city then you could use your bikes instead of public transport. That way you get to see more of the city than you otherwise would have done.

4. Shooting range

You may never have fired a gun or love it and want to try out a new range. Either way, heading out the gun range in Tbilisi can be a huge amount of fun. The Global Arms shop allows you to shoot different types of pistols.

If you’re with friends then there are three lanes that you can use so that no-one is left out. It can be a great thrill as you learn what it feels like to shoot a gun. Many first-time users are taken by surprise with the recoil!

You’ll also be able to see just how good you are at shooting. They have targets where you’re either going to embarrass yourself or enjoy the glory. However good you are at shooting, you’re going to be able to have a great time.

You pay by the clip so make sure you don’t get giddy and fire all of your rounds to quickly.

5. Paragliding

If you really want to step out of your comfort zone then paragliding in Georgia is going to be the way to do it. Georgia is an incredibly beautiful city and getting a bird’s eye view of it will be a breathtaking experience and create memories that last a lifetime.

You can be joined by an instructor to make it as safe as possible and you can take a good look around while you do. There are a few places to the east of the city where you’ll be able to fly around the Tbilisi reservoir.

If you’re scared about trying it then you should be, it’s very safe and when you get back home you can gloat to all of your friends that you did it. If you wanted to be even more adventurous then you can head off to the Georgian mountains for even more flying opportunities.

6. Zipline

If falling from the sky sounds a little bit too extreme then perhaps going down on a zip line is going to be more to your tastes. It’s a safer way to travel and you can do it all from the comfort of Tbilisi and by the nighttime, you’ll be relaxing in one of the Tbilisi restaurants.

The zip line goes from the Narikala Fortress and heads over to the National Botanical Gardens. Both of them are incredibly beautiful places and you’ll love being able to get such a brilliant view of such a stunning city.

You’re going to be 30 meters above the ground and it’s not for the faint-hearted. At 270 meters long it’s an incredible thrill and a huge amount of fun. Once you’ve completed it you’ll be very happy that you did, even if it was a bit scary.

7. Bowling

If you want to have fun in the capital but don’t want your pulse racing and the adrenaline flowing then bowling in Tbilisi going to be perfect for you. It’s a great way to have a break from your usual tourist itinerary whether you do it at night or in the day time.

The Lebowski Bowl Club is a brilliant modern alley with plenty of entertainment and gets its inspiration from the film “The Big Lebowski”. There are 12 lanes so you should find a free one and there are also four pool tables if you love that game too.

It’s great for a few hours of fun and not very expensive either. It’s situated in the south west of the city and is quite easy to get to. If you’re in a large group then it can be a great way for you all to have fun as you can socialize and have a drink.

8. Museum of Illusions

Want to get your mind blown while on vacation then the Museum of Illusions is the place to be. It’s based over three floors and will give you some brilliant photo opportunities with all the tricks you’ll be able to see. The whole place is extremely fun with descriptions of each exhibit displayed in Georgian, English, and Russian.

There is a clone table and an infinity room that make incredible use of mirrors. There’s also a rotated room that will confuse your sense of reality and the same can be said of the Ames room where it’ll look like you go from a giant to a dwarf.

Added to those amazing pieces of art are a chair illusion, an anti-gravity room, a vortex tunnel, and an infinity tunnel. That is only a small sample of what they have to offer. You need to experience it all for yourself and it is sure to give you some huge laughs.

9. Trampoline

Trampolines have always been a huge source of fun and Tbilisi has the perfect spot for you to go out and enjoy yourself. Crazy Hall is a brilliant place to go, especially if you have children as it can be a great way for them to use up their boundless energy.

They have 34 trampolines in a huge room that is centered around a middle area that is full of soft foam blocks that you can jump into. The whole place is bright and vibrant with plenty of laughs happening throughout the hall.

As well as the trampolines there is also a climbing wall, a basketball area, and pits for you to enjoy. If the adults want to chill out then there is a café area that overlooks the hall to able you to keep an eye on how they are getting on.

10. Brain Drain

If you’ve never been in an escape room, you have to give it a try. The Brain Grain in Tbilisi is a brilliant one that is incredibly fun. An escape room is where you’re locked in a room for a specific period of time and you have to solve a series of clues in order to be released.

It’s perfect for those who love challenges and solving puzzles. There are four themed rooms that all offer something a little different. It’s very close to the center of the city on the banks of the Mtkvari River, making it easy to get to.

Don’t think you have to be some sort of puzzle expert to be able to complete the challenges, all it takes is some enthusiasm. All the rooms are made for between 2-5 players and are suitable for anyone over the game of 12. You’ll have one hour to work out how to leave and hopefully, you can make it before the time runs out!

11. Experimentorium

If you have a love for science then the Experimentorium in Tbilisi would be the perfect way to have fun. That being said, even non-science lovers are going to enjoy all the experiments here that will leave you open-mouthed and wondering how they work.

There are 80 different exhibits that all offer fun playing with the laws of physics and all of them can be interacted with. There is something for everyone and what’s more, it’s very affordable with under 4’s going free and adults only needing to pay around $5.

If you have kids then they’ll love this but if you don’t, it’s also a great space for adults to be able to enjoy themselves. It’s situated in the heart of the city, right near the Funicular, and most likely only a short walk from your Georgia hotel.

Have fun in Tbilisi

If you travel to Georgia the capital is a must-see. When you see pictures of Tbilisi you’re probably thinking of the incredible landscape, the fantastic buildings and enjoying the landscape. As well as all that beauty, Tbilisi also has fun at every turn. If you’re visiting, make sure to check one or more of these places out and have an incredible time.


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