Bazaleti Lake

Travelers are drawn to Bazaleti Lake by its splendid mix of mountain climate, crystal clear waters and breathtakingly beautiful nature. The lake beckons visitors to sunbathe against the backdrop of lush green mountain slopes, soak up the fresh air and feel the caress of the cool lake breeze.


Bazaleti Lake is a lake situated 5km south of Dusheti town within the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of eastern Georgia country. Part of the Dusheti municipality, the lake’s surface area measures 1.22 square kilometers, with a maximum depth of 30m.

Bazaleti Lake is located on the Bazaleti Plateau on the slopes of the Trialeti Range at a Georgian altitudinal zone of 900 meters above sea level, and is surrounded by mountains of the Gudamakari and Lomisi ranges.

The nearby village and historical district surrounding the lake are also known as Bazaleti, and were once home to a thriving medieval Georgian town. This was the site of the Battle of Bazaleti that took place between 2 rival Georgian factions in 1626.

During the Soviet period, several rest-houses and sanatoria for children were built by the lakeside. In 2007, the Bazaleti Lake Hotel was opened here. Today, Bazaleti Lake and its environs are a popular recreational area complete with a modern tourist complex.

Bazaleti Lake is associated with many fascinating legends. One of the most famous relates to its origins. According to folklore, in the area around Bazaleti Lake lived a woman who was unable to birth a child. She prayed about it for a long time until a miracle happened and she birthed a baby boy. But soon after, her village was plagued by drought. The villagers were on the verge of despair, not knowing what to do.

One night, the woman had a dream that if she left her son in the mountains surrounding the village, then the drought would end. Although she had no intention of abandoning her son, she mentioned the dream to her relatives. Her baby was then taken away to the mountains.

In the morning, at the place where the baby’s cradle stood, a clear and transparent lake appeared. The village now had access to water and was saved from drought. As for the woman, she could no longer live there for her heart was in the mountains, by the lake. Each day, she filled the lake with her tears.

This is why Bazaleti Lake becomes more beautiful with each passing year: as the young man grows and flourishes, so too does the lake. The story is retold in the poem “Bazaleti Lake” by famous Georgian poet Ilia Chavchavadze.


Bazaleti Lake has a volcanic origin and is unique in that it is not filled by any inflowing rivers. In fact, the process of the purification and filling of the Bazaleti Lake waters comes from the Earth’s interior. Not a single river flows into or out of the lake. Instead, the lake is fed only by rainfall and underground waters rich in minerals that give the lake waters medicinal properties.

Each year, thousands of visitors come to Bazaleti Lake to improve their health by taking baths in the lake waters (balneotherapy). The lake waters are said to have a positive impact on the body and heal dermatological, gynecological, rheumatic and bone and joints diseases. Bazaleti’s low mountain climate and fresh mountain air is also good for cardiovascular and blood diseases (passive climate therapy).

Moreover, water plants such as water lilies and reeds that grow on the Bazaleti lakeshore, as well as algae growing inside the lake, are also said to possess curative properties. The lake also has therapeutic beaches that are covered with black magnetic sands.

Bazaleti is also famous for the wellness center built on its shores. Situated within the Bazaleti Lake Hotel, the center has a spa with indoor and outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, sauna, curative bathes, showers, rest halls, and a salon. Here, holidaymakers can rest, relax and have fun as they improve their health.


Nestled on the plains and surrounded by magnificent mountains, Bazaleti Lake is famous for its natural beauty. Along the lakeshore is a wonderful lane where visitors may walk and soak up the wonderful nature. Every sunrise and sunset is beautiful at Bazaleti.

People of diverse interests will enjoy a visit to Bazaleti Lake which offers tourist activities in Georgia ideal for both active and passive holidays.


The lake is a popular recreational spot for young Georgians who come in summer to swim and sunbathe. By the lakeside is a well-equipped beach with sunshades and chaise-longues. Near the beach are a tennis court and beach volleyball stadium.

There’s also an open-air swimming pool situated in the middle of the tourist complex which can accommodate children. Around the pool are sunshades, chaise-longues, and a bar serving fresh drinks. In summer animators are on hand to entertain children.

Games & Sports

The tourist complex has facilities for different types of sports available for both adults and children. Summer sports include mini-football, basketball and mini-golf. In winter, visitors can enjoy the ice skating rink and the ski slope on which they can go tobogganing.

Bicycles are available to rent, and there’s a walking lane across the hotel that is perfect for cycling. There is a six-track bowling center, and every building and cottage has billiards and table tennis facilities. Visitors can go on the lake with water-cycles.


A popular venue for both sport and consumer fishing, Bazaleti Lake is rich in a variety of fish species, including carp, herring, roach and barbell. Situated by the lakeside are several cottages available for fishermen.


Eco-tours are available to take travelers sailing on the lake by boat or even yacht. By the lakeside are cottages for hunters, as well as bungalows for accommodation. At night, the area around the lake is beautifully lit with lamps.


In the evenings, the tourist complex offers entertainment within the events hall, including a disco, karaoke, Georgian cinema, occasional concerts and more. Drinks are available at the disco-bar, and there’s also a casino on-site.


The tourist complex has several stores for different world-famous brands. As such, tourists can enjoy shopping without having to leave the complex.


The district of Dusheti is famous for its landscapes of stunning nature and spectacular cultural monuments. Beyond Bazaleti Lake, Dusheti district offers an abundance of fantastic places to go in Georgia.


Dating from the 17th century, Ananuri is a medieval castle complex that comprises a crenellated circuit wall with turrets. The fortress walls enclose several buildings and structures, including 4 churches, 2 towers, a porch, bell-tower, spring and reservoir.

Built in 1689, the Church of the Assumption is the main attraction within the complex. The church boasts richly decorated facades with the fine stone carvings of human, floral and animal images, including a carved entryway. It also holds fragments of several beautiful frescoes.


Pasanauri is a small town flanked by the Aragvi River and surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. Its picturesque location, closeness to major historical sites, as well as its mineral water springs, hiking routes and handicrafts, have made Pasanauri a popular tourist destination.

Travelers also come to Pasanauri for its tasty Georgian cuisine. The town is especially known for having the best khinkali (Georgian dumplings) in the country, as well as for dambalkhacho cheese, which is featured on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia list.

Zhinvali Dam

Situated 70km from Tbilisi, Zhinvali Reservoir is a hydroelectric dam built on the Aragvi River. The dam measures 11.5 square kilometers wide and has a maximum depth of 75 meters. With a volume of 520 million cubic meters, it supplies half the population of Tbilisi with water.

Visitors to the dam are treated with panoramic views of its incredibly beautiful turquoise-colored waters, from a picturesque setting among verdant hills. In winter, as the water levels drop, a 12th century church once located on a hill overlooking the area, surfaces from beneath the waters.

Mtiuleti Aragvi

The Aragvi River in Mtiuleti is one of the best white-water rafting destinations in the country. Rafters and kayakers can enjoy rafting in Pasanauri on the Mtiuleti Aragvi, which offers big waves when water levels are high.

A highlight of this rafting tour is the stunning view of Ananuri Fortress set against the gorgeous Georgian countryside. At the end of the tour, you can camp and enjoy a picnic by the river. Rafting season on Mtiuleti Aragvi runs from April to September.

Khada Valley

Khada is one of the most beautiful valleys in the country. Most visitors come for the picturesque views of Georgian nature, especially from Korogho Church. Nestled within Khada Valley is the small yet remarkable Khada Gorge.

After Svaneti, Mtiuleti boasts the second highest number of medieval watchtowers in Georgia, most of which are found within Khada Gorge. The towers were constructed mainly in the 10th century during the early feudal era.

Lomisa Church

Located on the slopes of the Lomisa Range and towering above Mleta Village, St. George Church of Lomisa is the main prayer house for the people of Mtiuleti. Dating back to the 9th or 10th centuries, the church is one of the oldest in the country.

Every June, locals gather at Lomisa Church to celebrate the traditional festival of Lomisoba. Hikers can access the church via the Lomisa Mountain hiking trail, which offers breathtaking views over the Aragvi Valley and the road to Gudauri.


Bazaleti Lake weather is features a moderately humid subtropical climate, with cold winters and warm summers. The lake is great to visit during any season of the year. In winter, its surface freezes to ice, while in summer water temperatures reach up to 25 degrees Celsius.


Bazaleti Lake Hotel is a white pearl among the unique beauty of Georgian nature. Built on the Bazaleti lakeshore, the hotel’s architecture is designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding nature. Spread out over 27 ha, the hotel’s design features picturesque alleys that separate the cottages and buildings, and then harmoniously merge them together.

A highlight of the hotel is the fountain located in the middle of the tourist complex. There’s also a white-columned colonnade at the back of the alley, built to celebrate the 2,600 year old friendship between the Georgian and Jewish peoples. This long tradition of Georgian-Jewish relations has been included on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia.

The hotel offers both luxury and mid-range accommodation. Its rooms are well-equipped with a mini-kitchen, shower-baths, refrigerator, bar, high-quality furniture, satellite TV and spacious balconies.


Bazaleti Lake Hotel has a restaurant located near the lakeshore. The restaurant terrace opens up to stunning views of the surrounding nature and is a great place for visitors to enjoy delicious Georgian food, along with fine Georgian wine.


For Georgia flights landing in Tbilisi airport, you can rent a car and drive to Bazaleti Lake. But driving in country Georgia can be a challenge if you don’t understand the Georgian alphabet or speak the Georgian language. The best option is to travel to Bazaleti Lake via private transfer.


Like a dream come true, Bazaleti Lake is a place beyond compare. It’s the perfect spot in Georgia for a fun and healthy vacation. So if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to truly relax and rejuvenate, look no further than Bazaleti Lake!

If traveling in summer, be sure to book Bazaleti Lake hotels ahead with our Georgia country tourism service. If you would rather drive, we have a modern fleet of Bazaleti Lake rental cars available for hire. We also arrange Georgia tours from Bazaleti Lake with private transfers to and from Tbilisi airport.

Alternatively, create your own custom vacation package that includes the places you want to see and things you want to do in Bazaleti Lake. Need to escape the bustle of city life? Order your custom tour to Bazaleti Lake today for a summer vacation you’ll never forget!

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