The Best Spa And Wellness Destinations In Imereti For Your Georgia Vacations

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The Best Spa And Wellness Destinations In Imereti For Your Georgia Vacations

Hiking and skiing are not the only things to do in Georgia. While the impressive natural resources within the Caucasus Range are undoubtedly one of the country’s main appeal, deep down, it has many more.

And by deep down, I mean really deep down.

There are thousands of thermal and mineral water springs underneath Georgian soil that, when flowing to the surface, turn into some of the most popular hotspots for Georgia tourism. It has been proven that almost all of these mineral water springs provide impressive health benefits for those soaking in them. As such, it’s no surprise many of the all-time favorite Georgian attractions are spa and wellness resorts.

Georgia has an overabundance of these paradisiacal locations. However, if your interest is to travel to Georgia’s top wellbeing destinations, the Imereti region may be an excellent place to start.

Located in the central part of Western Georgia, Imereti is as rich in natural beauty as it is in history. The lush green of its mountains and the crystal waters of its rivers make it a natural hotspot for Georgia’s travel industry and one of the best wellness destinations within the country.

Imereti has many resorts dedicated to spa and wellness, transforming it into one of the most visited regions for Georgia tourism. We at Tour Guide decided to walk you through some of these resorts to share our top picks for the best hotels and spas you can enjoy during your visit to Georgia.


During Soviet rule, Tskaltubo was, perhaps, the main Georgia attraction for visitors, including Stalin himself.

Located in Imereti, Tskaltubo has the perfect geographical positioning for an idyllic resort town—the Black Sea’s proximity provides warm and humid winds. In contrast, the Greater Caucasus keeps the cold ones at bay. As a result, Tskaltubo has mild winters, warm summers, and plenty of sunshine, making it a natural center for Georgia’s tourism.

However, the best natural feature of this paradisiacal land is, undoubtedly, its mineral springs. Unique in their chemical composition, they are rich in carbon and radon, which is a complex mixture that proves effective against a plethora of illnesses and afflictions. Likewise, the water boast of temperatures between 33°-35°C, providing an all-natural hot spring that is perfect for relaxation and mental wellbeing.

The peculiar mixture of minerals and temperature makes the Tskaltubo hot springs perfect for dermatologic diseases, gynecological afflictions, metabolic disturbances, and disorders of the locomotive, cardiovascular, or endocrine systems.

But not everything about Tskaltubo is water-based. The nearby Tetri Mgvime is a cave boasting of a microclimate, particularly effective against respiratory illnesses, hypertension, anxiety, and neurosis.

Once the most visited Georgian attraction for relaxation, Tskaltubo is slowly recovering its former glory. Nowadays, plenty of hotels, policlinics, and spas make the best of the town’s natural blessings and provide top-quality service for tourists traveling to Georgia.

Out of them all, these are our picks.

Tskaltubo Spa Resort

Few locations have the reputation needed to boast the legendary title, and Tskaltubo Spa Resort is undoubtedly one of them.

Resort and sanatorium, Tskaltubo Spa Resort has a long history of glory in the Soviet era, when it was one of the leading Georgian attractions. However, the hotel underwent extensive renovations during the first decade of the century. It reopened in 2011 to fit with current standards, trends, and interests.

Beyond its impressive trajectory, Tskaltubo Spa Resort also has beautiful installations that match its legendary epithet. After its reopening, the resort offers 141 rooms, each classified according to size and service provided. Likewise, it also has a large restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, and the most advanced equipment to satisfy your expectations of health tourism in Georgia.

The procedure is easy enough—after checking in, the resort’s doctors analyze and study the visitors’ medical history and prescribe customized treatments according to their needs.

But not everything is physical health. To provide entertainment and enjoyment to guests, Tskaltubo Spa Resortalso has deals and packages that allow guests to try the best local wines and beverages, entertainment programs, and day trips to the best Georgian attractions nearby, such as Batumi, Sataplia, and the Prometheus cave, amongst others.

What it can do for your health: Although the radon baths are the star in any Tskaltubo wellness center, Tskaltubo Spa Resort provides much more than that. The business specializes in the treatment of cardiovascular, nervous, locomotive, metabolic, dermatological, and gynecological diseases and disorders. Alongside them, the specialized team also offers two special programs—an aesthetic one meant to enhance beauty, and a slim detox program for monitored weight loss.

To achieve the goals mentioned above, the doctors may prescribe procedures such as the all-popular radon baths, hydromassages, magnotherapies, lymphatic drainage procedures, and many more.

Price: The price per night in the Tskaltubo Spa Resort varies according to the season you choose to travel to Georgia. It’s subject to changes by the staff as they see fit.

During the low season (from November to April), the cost per night averages to $76. Mild season (May-June and September-October) sees the cost increase to $99, while the high season (July-August) rounds to $117 per night.

Be aware that the minimum is to pay for seven (7) overnights.

Address: 23 Rustaveli Avenue, 5400, Tskaltubo.


Phone: +995 599 09 16 10; +995 436 22 14 17


Hotel Prometheus.

Located at the center of Tskaltubo, Hotel Prometeus is within walking distance of the city’s central park, the balneological springs and policlinics, and other entertainment and wellbeing options within the resort. Although the building was renovated in 2018 to fit with modern standards, it dates back to the Soviet era, when it was one of the hotspots for tourism in Georgia.

For your comfort, Hotel Prometheus has 50 rooms equipped with all resources needed to make your stay relaxed and enjoyable, including free Wi-Fi. The rooms are classified in different categories, but most of them come with free beds for children under 16, while those under 3 stay free of charge.

Within the hotel installations, you’ll also have a conference room, a bar, restaurant, terrace, an outdoor solarium, game rooms, and a free parking lot. In the evenings, the terrace provides live music spectacles, and the hotel staff facilitates trips to the nearby Prometheus cave, one of the most important Georgian attractions.

While plenty of medical treatments are provided on-site, Hotel Prometheus offers joint packages and deals on the nearby medical spa centers. By staying in the hotel, guests are guaranteed a free consultation with the doctor to create an accurate medical profile.

What it can do for your health: Hotel Prometheus has a team of doctors and nurses on-site. According to their expertise, they provide a free consultation to each guest and create a treatment program suited to their ailments. Depending on the type of service you purchase, you could get standard massage procedures, physiotherapy according to your requirements, and mineral water baths.

If you decide further services, you can get access to mud treatments and more specialized techniques in the nearby spa centers, with special fees thanks to Hotel Prometheus’ association with the businesses.

Costs: Hotel Prometheus charges according to the type of room purchased. Standard single rooms cost $50 per night, while a standard double/twin suite for two guests costs anything between $80 and $110. In both cases, service includes one classical massage procedure, as well as a session of physiotherapy and a mineral water bath for each guest.

For further procedures on the nearby spa centers, you will have to ask on-site the costs according to season and deal.

Address: Tskaltubo, Sh. Rustaveli st N11


Phone: (+995) 0790-42-82-82, (+995) 436-22-00-51.


Be Healthy

Located by Tskaltubo’s central park, Be Healthy is a spa center, although not a hotel. While it does not provide rooms and staying benefits, its accessible location and luxurious installations make it one of the preferred picks for both locals and tourists visiting Georgia.

Be Healthy opened in 2015 after extensive renovations. Nowadays, it boasts of over 45 rooms habilitated to perform over 110 health and wellness treatments at the hand of over a dozen doctors and medical experts.

Luxurious and equipped with the latest medical technology, Be Healthy provides both preventive and corrective treatments, alongside rehabilitation and aesthetic procedures. Beyond the rooms, the central area of the ground floor offers individual bath cabins and a swimming pool. It is habilitated with the radon-rich waters of Tskaltubo’s springs and multiple relax-focused zones and a phyto-bar.

Upon arrival, the personnel will create a personalized profile for your treatment at the center, based on your medical history and on-site evaluations by doctors. Afterward, the assigned physician will customize your treatment and assign you the perfect spa and wellness routine for your needs.

Be Healthy works from 09:00 to 18:00 every day and has free parking space,

What it can do for your health: The health procedures provided by Be Healthy are ample and cover a plethora of illnesses and afflictions. Some of the radon baths and mineral water treatments include soakings, hydro massages, underwater horizontal spine tractions, gynecological irrigations, and hydrocolonotherapies, amidst others.

When it comes to physiotherapy, Be Healthy’s experts specialize in osteochondrosis, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, scoliosis, herniated disk disease, Bechterew’s disease, amongst others. Likewise, the doctors provide dermatological and aesthetic treatments for acne, eczema, and other afflictions.

Price: Most treatment and rehabilitation courses last from 10 to 21 days. Since each session is customized and designed to suit the patient’s particular needs, the cost varies and depends on the number of procedures included in the program. Be Healthy provides a list of the prices for each treatment in lari, although it is only available in Georgian.

Address: Central Park, Tskaltubo, 5400, Georgia.


Phone: (+995 591) 60-25-25.



Sairme is a resort located within the Baghdati municipality in the Imereti region, and to date, is one of the most prominent locations for Georgia tourism. The mineral and thermal springs flowing within the area have been used for therapeutic purposes across the decades and were of particular relevance within the Russian Empire in the 19th century.

Nowadays, Sairme is the biggest resort in all of Europe and the Caucasus, extending for over 60 hectares. The stunning beauty of the landscape is thanks to its strategic location at the valley of the Tsablaristskali River, 950 meters above sea level. It’s not a surprise, then, that this resort is highly sought after by tourists traveling to Georgia.

The protagonists of Sairme are, undoubtedly, the springs that cross the area. In particular, four of them have been revered for their health benefits for centuries, with multiple contemporary studies reaffirming what our ancestors already knew. Soaking in the water is beneficial, but so is drinking it. Likewise, they provide both prophylactic and therapeutic benefits, turning it into a quintessential Georgian attraction for those seeking wellbeing destinations.

Spring N1 is known for curing chronic kidney diseases, as it is beneficial against urethral calculi and other renal disorders. N2, in turn, provides natural help for liver and gallbladder issues, including chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, gallstones, and bile-duct stones. Spring N3 aids in the fight against metabolic disorders such as diabetes and osteochondrosis. Finally, Spring N4 has strong gastrointestinal properties with benefits in the battle against ulcerative diseases, acidity, and other digestive problems.

Around the springs, Sairme hosts three hotels—Hotel Imereti, Hotel Udabno, and Hotel Sairme. However, out of the three available options, we cannot help but recommend Hotel Sairme as the most affordable and viable option for your visit to Georgia.

Hotel Sairme

A redevelopment project in the area concluded in 2018, ending with the construction of Hotel Sairme, an affordable hotel with 150 rooms built to host nearly 400 guests. Next to the installations, there is a policlinic equipped with the latest technology and expert medical personnel, ready to provide treatments matched to the therapeutic properties of the springs in the resort.

Beyond the medical centers, Hotel Sairme also has playgrounds for children, and multiple sports installations to provide physical wellbeing and activity. Similarly, the beautiful view of the impressive Imereti landscape provides mental respite. It remains one of the most breathtaking aspects of Georgia tourism.

What it can do for your health: In addition to the health properties of the aforementioned springs, the policlinic by Hotel Sairme is equipped with advanced technological equipment and, with the help of the natural resources available in the area, provides treatment for obesity, central nerve system problems, skin diseases, bones and joints, and other complications.

Price (hotel): Costs vary according to the type of room and the season, but they tend to range from $44 to $169 per night. They only include the stay in the resort, and not the treatments at the adjacent policlinic.

Price (policlinic): The policlinic provides regular deals and packages for tourists traveling to Georgia, so it’s best to get in touch to find the best offers available. However, two packages remain the most popular ones against osteochondrosis and urethral calculi, lasting 10 days and $220. A third package, against obesity, extends over 10 days and costs $330.

Address: Sairme Resort, Baghdati Region, Georgia, 1000.


Phone: (+995 32) 240 45 45


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