13 Adventurous Things To Try In Georgia

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13 Adventurous Things To Try In Georgia

There are many beautiful places to visit in Georgia where you take in the wonderful sights and romantic landscapes. For some audacious explorers though, that’s not enough, they still crave adventure. Thankfully the country has that covered too. Here we look at 10 adventurous things to try in Georgia that will get your pulse racing.

1. Fire a gun at a shooting range

Like the idea of learning how to shoot a gun? Well in Tbilisi you’re going to be able to get the chance. There is a gun shop on Gamrekeli Street called Global Arms where they have a firing range where you’ll be able to shoot a range of guns.

There are three different lanes to be able to shoot in and you’ll have protection with glasses and earmuffs. It’s great to go in a group as you can compete against each other for who is able to put the closest shots into the target and talk about it after in one of the great Tbilisi restaurants.

You are able to get a close up of that target with their cameras and you pay for the number of clips that you’re going to be using. If you’ve never fired a gun before then the kick it has will take some getting used to but you’ll quickly get to grips with it and have a lot of fun.

2. Enjoy the thrill of white water rafting

Georgia has five main rivers and they make for plenty of white water rafting opportunities. The Pshavis Aragvi River is only 70 kilometers from Tbilisi and has a 15-kilometer route that is great for rafters of all levels of experience.

The Mtkvari River has a few great spots that are situated near Borjomi or Vardzia. There are other spots around Georgia to which are going to be brilliant for rafting. It generally only happens in the summer as the rafting season starts near the end of April and ends in October.

There is also the factor of water levels too which are highest in May and June. If you’re a rafting novice then it’s better to try it in the months outside that, as it’s going to be a little easier. The rafting routes aren’t too expensive, making them one of the more affordable adventures.

3. Soar through the air with paragliding

Want to fly like a bird? Well, paragliding is possibly the closest thing that you’ll get. Jumping off hills and slopes might not be for everyone but it’s an incredible way to capture the beauty of Georgia as you soar through the air, riding on currents.

If you have no idea what to do and are scared of the experience then you can have tandem flights where you can enjoy the experience without the responsibility. It can depend on weather conditions but there are numerous spots around Georgia where you can enjoy it.

There are a few paragliding companies in Georgia and there are even spots around the capital Tbilisi where you can do it. It’s an experience like any other and while many may be scared to do it, the rewards you get are incredible.

4. Fly over the sea with parasailing

If paragliding sounds a bit too daunting to you then you could always try our parasailing. This involved being towed behind a speedboat with a parachute attached to your back. As soon as you pick enough speed, you’re taken into the air for a thrilling experience.

You can get quite high into the air with this method and you get the thrill but are above the water with an open parachute above your head. That helps to make it a less scary experience than some of the other adventures we’ve looked at on this list.

With the country being landlocked on three of its sides, the sport is only really available on its west coast. The best spot to be able to do it is in Georgia’s third-largest city, Batumi. It’s a great place to visit and even better if you get to see it from the air.

5. Explore the depths of the black sea or underwater canyons

Russia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east and Armenia and Turkey to the south. Most of Georgia’s borders are land but as we mentioned previously, on that west coast is the beautiful black sea and a lot of diving opportunities.

There are shipwrecks, sunken mussel farms and rock alleys to explore which is a great deal of fun. For more advanced divers, there are also cave systems that have limited visibility. As well as the black sea, Martvili canyon offers fantastic diving spots.

6. Enjoy the feeling of an adrenaline rush with Paintball

If you’ve never done paintball before, you should try it. It’s an exhilarating experience and one that you’re going to love. It’ll get your adrenaline flowing without having to jump off a cliff or climb up one of Georgia’s majestic mountains.

If you’re worried about getting hurt, then you shouldn’t be. You wear protective clothing and the only parts that get hit aren’t sensitive spots. You’ll be able to have a huge amount of fun and while you may end up with some bruises, they’ll be worth it.

7. Go on a hot air balloon ride

If you want to be high up in the air but don’t fancy not having anything under your feet then you have the option of taking a hot air balloon ride. It’s a wonderful way to capture the landscape as you drift through the air serenely and comfortably.

Two great places in which to do it are the Mukhrani Valley and the Alazani Valley which are not far north and east of Tbilisi respectively. If you’ve never been in a hot air balloon before then these two wonderful areas are a great place to start.

You can either go on small private trips or you can go in a group, depending on your preferences and your budget. You’ll love the experience and getting to see Georgia’s mountain ranges, glaciers, and deep valleys.

8. Have a bird’s eye view from a plane

If a hot balloon ride isn’t your thing then you could always take to the sky in another way. Getting on a small plane and flying over Georgia is a great way to see a lot of the landscape in only a short period of time, with 45-minute tours available.

Great tours are available for groups of up to four where you’ll be able to take off from Natakhtari Airport which is close to Tbilisi. You won’t be too far from the ground and you’ll be able to capture modern parts of the country as well as historical sights.

It’s great to be able to do all of that from the comfort of your own airplane seat. The trips aren’t too expensive and you can even ask for custom routes at a slightly extra charge. Getting to see the mountains, rivers, and cities of Georgia is a wonderful experience.

9. Speed around a racetrack

If you want to stay close to the ground then you have the option of high-octane racing at the Rustavi International Motorpark which is only around a 40-minute drive from the center of Tbilisi and it’s easy to get to if you have a car rental.

It’s a high-spec track that conforms to the highest standard and has a length of around 2.5 miles. After some instruction, you’re going to be able to race around the track. It’s a perfect experience for any driver to be able to say you’ve had racing in Georgia.

Some packages can pick you up from your door if you didn’t want to drive and there are a few different experiences available. This includes racing cars, drift racing or even crazy off-road vehicles. Whatever package you choose you’re sure to have an immense amount of fun.

10. Find amazing ski spots with heli-skiing

If you want to go skiing in Georgia then there are a number of great spots that you’re going to be able to get to. The beautiful mountains are always covered in snow and are great for skiers of all abilities who want to try something new.

If you want an even crazier experience then you could choose to go heli-skiing. This is where you travel by helicopter to remote spots that can’t be accessed by regular ski resorts. It means that only your group will be skiing in spots that are rarely explored.

It’s a more extreme skiing experience and the chance to take a ride in a helicopter and see the amazing landscape, it’s like you’re taking the most majestic ski lift ever! They are challenging slopes and therefore you want to have a decent level of skiing experience but you don’t have to be an expert.

11. Challenge yourself and climb a mountain

Mountain climbing is a sure-fire way to have an incredible experience in any country, and Georgia is no different. Mount Kazbegi is in the very north of the country and borders Russia. It takes three hours to get there from Tbilisi which is about 100 kilometers away.

The mountain itself is 5,047 meters high with the climb starting around the 1,700-meter mark. It’s a challenging climb physically without being the most technically difficult to climb. The whole trip should take around four days in total.

There are other mountains in Georgia with Kazbegi actually being the third highest peak but not by a lot, with Mount Shkhara (5,069m) and Mount Janga (5,059M) being slightly taller. There are many great mountains to climb in Georgia for those thrill-seekers.

12. Ride the horse as a proud highlander

If you have a love of horses then you can travel to Georgia and explore it that way. It’s a truly wonderful way of exploring the beautiful landscape. It’s much better than going in a car and you can cover a much greater area than on foot.

The horses are very friendly and there are many riding paths in which to choose. Being surrounded by the incredible Caucasus Mountains while settling down for a campfire under a star-lit sky? If that sounds like your perfect adventure, get on horseback.

13. Drive the daunting Abano Pass

If you love driving and also love the great outdoors then you’re going to find this adventure an exhilarating experience. The Abano Pass is in Georgia’s Greater Caucasus in an area that is nearly 10,000 feet above sea level.

You’ll need to travel in a 4×4 vehicle and they’ll be times when your heart is in your mouth. Conditions are known to be quite difficult at times and also there are often road closures. The length of the road is just over 50 miles but it can take a long time to drive it.

It’s a wonderful idea to pay for car rental but make sure that you’re getting a vehicle capable of driving the road. You’ll also want to check on the conditions beforehand to make sure that it’s going to be worth driving up there. If you do, it’ll be a rewarding, but sometimes daunting, experience.

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