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Winter sports play an important role in Georgian tourism. However, skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only way you can have fun visiting this diverse country.
Coastal Georgia has a lot to offer to thrill seekers from all around the world, too.
Scuba diving in the Black Sea is a somewhat new undertaking but it’s definitely an adventure worth going on.
The beloved vacation spots of many natives and tourists, Batumi and Kvariati offer a great opportunity for divers to explore the deep ‘black’ waters of Póntos Áxeinos as the ancient Greeks called it.
There are intriguing diving opportunities along the entire Black Sea coast of Georgia: shipwrecks in Kvariati, sunken Mussel farm in Gonio and Rock Alley in Sarpi.
Anaklia, the annual host of the biggest music festivals in all of Caucasus GEMfest and Echowaves is another brand new area for extreme adventure lovers to explore.

Beginners can try diving with dolphins in Batumi Dolphinarium, one of the cities hot tourist spots.
More advanced divers who also prefer diving in still fresh water can test the waters in the famous Prometheus caves. This cave system near Kutaisi offer two underwater passages of different difficulty to explore. One is 35 meters long and has 4 meters of visibility. The other more challenging passage stretches over 40 meters long, is up to 8 meters wide and leads to a beautiful underground lake.

Georgia also happens to be the perfect place for altitude diving. Quite a number of Georgian lakes are situated in the mountains begging to be discovered.
So dive in and explore the colourful underwater world in Georgia.

Rafting in Pasanauri

Squeezed between the Great Caucasus Mountain Range and the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, it’s hardly a secret that Georgia is full of mountains.
Here you’ll also find an impressive number of extremely fast-flowing rivers fed from glaciers in the surrounding highlands. Often times the water races from as high as 5000 meters creating a powerful flow and the perfect opportunity for rafting.

Rafting or “Jomardi” as Georgians call it, has traditionally been one of the man’s earliest ways to transport goods and people relying solely on nature and its resources. The popularity of rafting as an extreme sport in Georgia started to grow in the early 1980s. Today rafting is one of the most sought out outdoor activities amongst locals and tourists alike.

Besides being a sport and an enjoyable pastime, rafting is also a unique and very fun way to discover Georgia’s stunning landscapes. No matter which part of Georgia you are visiting, you will be able to catch a flow of a cold mountain river that will take you through some of the most amazing remote parts of the country. Racing down a mountain river, you’ll get to discover hidden gems of the local flora and fauna and marvel at the centuries-old churches and fortresses you’ll encounter.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, rafting in Georgia is for everyone. Safety is very important that’s why rivers are divided into categories from simple to very dangerous.
We’ll help you choose the right destination based on your rafting skills.
Amateurs can start small by exploring rivers Mtkvari or Aragvi just outside of historic Mtskheta.
True lovers of the extreme can enjoy the rush of adrenaline in their blood as they ride down the rushing Rioni river, surrounded by the picturesque nature of Racha-Lechkhumi.

Horse Riding

If you grow tired of exploring Georgia on foot, you can always try horseback. Horse riding is one of the most enjoyable ways to get familiar with the beautiful Georgian landscape in an authentic manner. It’s a popular tourist activity in Georgian highlands and like biking is available at most tourist destinations.
Enjoy the company of friendly horses on excellent riding paths. Gallop through the vivid green fields of southern Georgia and discover remote Tusheti and Khevsureti from a different perspective.
You will treasure picnics on marvellous open fields surrounded by the mesmerizing Caucasus Mountains and campfires under a beautiful clear sky full of stars.
Saddle up and explore the wondrous nature and rich history of Georgia.

Caving in David Gareji

Georgia is incredibly diverse. It’s rich with evergreen forests, snowy mountains, pristine lakes, alpine rivers and so much more. Out of all the monuments of nature, caves are definitely among the most stunning places to visit in Georgia. In fact, the World’s deepest cave Voronya can be found in Abkhazia, the most north-west region of the country.

Discover the most magnificent underworld cave systems and cities. Explore fascinating Prometheus cave located near Kutaisi in Imereti region. This natural wonder stretches out for full 8 kilometres 40 meters below the sea level and is completely covered with stalagmites of striking beauty. Tour its glittering halls and watch the sunlight reflects from the still surface of an underground lake creating dancing rainbows on the walls.

But why stop there? Go further to Sataplia cave where you will be able to walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs, quite literally. A 300 hundred years old dinosaur footprint is the biggest tourist attraction of Sataplia. The caves here go deeper than a kilometre underground and most of them haven’t been fully explored yet! This popular tourist destination is both, a perfect place for adventure seekers and a marvel for speleologists.

In addition to the natural caves, Georgia also boasts three big cave complexes that are at least partially man-made. Uplistsikhe, David Gareji and Vardzia are all Georgia’s hottest tourist spots.
Carved out in different centuries and scattered over the entire country these cave towns offer the perfect opportunity to get to know different parts of Georgia.
Pack your bags and don’t forget your cameras to capture the beauty of these timeless caves and mighty landscapes.


Get away from your busy everyday life and find salvation in the magical landscapes of Georgia.
Follow beautiful trails over the blooming meadows, through evergreen forests, and along rushing alpine rivers. Discover ancient churches and fortresses and the Georgian history within as you go. Explore the surroundings by trekking the very paths locals have been using for centuries and experience authentic Georgia: endless fields filled by the cattle, goats, and sheep. Catch your breath in a remote village in Georgian highlands where you’ll be able to marvel at the breathtaking peaks of the Caucasus Mountains that stay covered in snow all year round.
Here, miles and years away from civilization you’ll become one with nature.
Georgian people are famous for their hospitality. You will be welcomed everywhere you go.
Try some local wine, taste the delicious traditional food, prepared for you on the spot, or even stay overnight in the villagers’ homes, you’ll never be treated better.

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Mercedes Sprinter 2009

Mercedes Sprinter is a reliable option for those who prefer to travel as a group. With room for up to 17 people, it is larger than most vans on the market. Thoroughly tested on Georgian roads, this van has both power and endurance to deliver you to your desired tourist destination, no matter how remote. Choose our driving services and travel in comfort!

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