13 Must Eat in Asian Restaurants In Tbilisi

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13 Must Eat in Asian Restaurants In Tbilisi

Tbilisi remains one of the most amazing travel destinations that should be on every avid tourists’ agenda. The city provides a perfect blend of everything visitors possibly want. From the ancient buildings of Georgia, religious history, bohemian arts, the welcoming and friendly natives, and amazing restaurants that are every foodies’ paradise, there is certainly something for everyone.

As you make your travel plans, your itinerary of the things to do in Georgia should certainly include the best places for dining in Tbilisi. Fortunately, the city is home to incredible restaurants you will ever come across. Apart from the Georgian cuisine choices, which you can’t exhaust during your stay, the city is big on international tastes. That said, below are some of the best Asian restaurants you shouldn’t miss visiting during your Tbilisi tour.


Ukve is a renowned fast-food restaurant that serves Asian foods and among the few Georgia hotels with online-enabled ordering, takeaways, deliveries, and in-house eating. Both od its locations one in Fabrika Hostel and another in Vake district are in the heart of the city. The restaurant serves simple yet delicious meals prepared from high-quality ingredients by experienced chefs.

Like the majority of restaurants for dining in Tbilisi, Ukve has a wide array of food selections from their menu. You can choose from the various types of sushi roll sets, rice meals, Asian salads, and fried noodles, among others. For the sushi, Ukve uses Japanese sourced rice while their vegetable supplies are fresh. The sushi rolls as well come in a set of 12 or 14 pieces depending on your choice of roll. You will also like their fried rice and noodles, among other dishes.


Pepperboy is a recently opened restaurant that joins the growing list of Asian cafés in Tbilisi offering Asian foods. Contrary to what its name sounds, it is a cozy restaurant where the majority of those who travel to Georgia meet for appetizing delicacies and friendly atmospheres. The interior setting of the restaurant is simple, full of cyberpunk décor.

Despite the simple yet cozy setup featuring an open kitchen, the menu will surprise you. Pepperboy also offers staple foods from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Japan. Their menu has various soups, including the Ramen specials that are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Miso, Pho, and Kimchi Jigae. On the main courses, the meat section has Bao with an accompaniment, which could be chicken, beef or pork, Tonkatsu, and Bo Saam. If you are a vegetarian, you can enjoy Pad Tai, cauliflower, and Bibimbap, among other foods.

Umami Asian Fusion Restaurant

The Umami Asian Fusion Restaurant presents another chance for tourists in Georgia to explore the vast array of Asian delicacies available in the city. Like other best Asian restaurants and modern cafes in general, this restaurant features an open kitchen that allows guests to view how their food is prepared.

Note, you can try various delicacies, including fresh sushi and many other sizzling items from the menu. This restaurant is known to serve a wide range of authentic dishes from Asia and new signature dishes borrowed from Radisson Blu Asian Chefs.

Apart from the great food, the restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience with the utmost tranquility and elegance from its interior design.

Umami Asian Fusion Restaurant couples Japanese and Thai culinary and uses the freshest possible ingredients to prepare both traditional Asian foods and innovative blended dishes. With the open kitchen, you will enjoy not only the food but also the general cooking performance art.

Some of the best items on the Umami Asian Fusion Restaurant’s menu include the Sashimi and Nigiri rolls, cold and hot appetizers, soups, teppanyaki, wok, noodles, and Ramen.


Tbilisi is anything but short of sushi restaurants to choose from. Wasabi is one of the popular Asian restaurants that focus on delivering high quality and tasty food to tourists and locals who long for the taste of Asian cuisines. In a bid to maintain the originality of sushi, the restaurant ensures that they serve foods made from all-natural and healthy ingredients. Besides, they have a Japanese chef, who ensures that customers get authentic meals.

Wasabi’s menu not only has sushi but also features sushi rolls, salads, wok meals, and soups. The wide array of food collection may make it confusing to select your meal. However, worry not as their friendly staff is always there to guide you make a good selection.

Shio Ramen

The Shio Ramen is probably the one and only Ramen oriented restaurant in Georgia. Most tourists confuse this for the Ramekai, which offers exclusive Japanese cuisines and more of sushi rolls than Ramen. Shio Ramen is located within Fabrika, which makes it an ideal place for dining in the Tbilisi after a long day of sightseeing various attractions. The location also makes it suitable for those who don’t fancy Asian made cuisines, as they can choose alternative food from neighboring Tbilisi restaurants.

For enthusiasts, however, the Shio Ramen offers a plethora of select soups with a mixture of various toppings and dishes, including the hirashi, wakame, and gyoza, among others.


Mochi is also an excellent Japanese restaurant that offers multiple types of sushi, wok meals, soups, spring rolls, and sushi rolls. The Japanese rice cake is the main meal that distinguishes Mochi from other restaurants serving Asian dishes. The restaurant has six varying flavored mochies, including the chocolate, raspberry, matcha green tea, strawberry cheesecake, and vanilla. The café offers delivery services as well, but mochies are only served on the spot. Fortunately, Mochi is among the most affordable Asian café in Georgia.

Thai Curry

The Thai Curry is among the most authentic Thai restaurants in Tbilisi. The restaurant is located along the Shota Rustaveli Avenue near Merani Mall and can seat approximately 25 people. The location, proximity to Merani Mall, is best for tourists who also have plans of getting their Georgian souvenirs within the city during their stay. Despite the small size, most visitors like it for its pleasant ambiance and courteous staff who are always ready to serve you.

Due to the small size and busy nature of the restaurant, especially during seasons where most people think is the best time to visit Georgia, you should consider making your reservations and order before heading there. To ensure the highest possible quality, chefs cook only one or two dishes simultaneously

Overall, the food tastes excellent with exact flavors you should expect from Thai food. Simply put, it masters the perfect combination of hot, spicy, and sweet. Among the excellent menu selections to enjoy, include fried beef, meat fried in holy basil, lab moo, and chicken with chili.

Beirut Café Lounge

If you love Lebanese foods make sure to stop by the Beirut Café Lounge. In a bid to ensure that their visitors explore more from Georgia, the Beirut Café Lounge incorporates the Asian Lebanese cuisine with Georgian culture. The resultant menu is arguably diverse, with a mixture of cold and hot appetizers, desserts, soups, and mouthwatering main meals.

You can reminisce about the memories of your staple Lebanese foods such as Baba Ghanouj, Falafels, Fish Siyadiyeh, and Moutabal by checking into the Beirut Café Lounge. To add to this, you can order special deserts, Ghazal Beurit, or rice pudding.

Karam Lebnen

The Karam Lebnen is the second popular Lebanese restaurant that you should consider as one of the places to visit in Georgia. Like other high-end restaurants in this list, Karam Lebnen is known for its high-quality meals made from fresh ingredients.

You will certainly like the diverse menu, comprising of not only Lebanese specials but also international dishes. You should visit the restaurant to try Mansaf, Sambousek, hummus, kebbe, Jordanian lamb meal, falafels, bulgur meal, and finely ground meat. The restaurant also serves typical Lebanese salad, commonly known as Tabboule, which is made from cucumber, fresh herbs, tomatoes, and bulgur.


PHO adds to the list of excellent Asian restaurants that provide incredible Asian cuisines. The restaurant has three branches, the first in Dighomi, another in Kavtaradze, and the third in Bakhtrioni. For its popularity and reputation, the restaurant offers exciting meals, salads, and soups that immediately awaken your memories of home.

To serve a wide setting, PHO also serves other classic meals, including beef, chicken, pork, fried rice, and noodles with seafood. You will also find Thai chicken breast, curry sauce, Pad Tai, chicken wings, and Tom Yum soup with seafood or chicken in their menu.

Oishi Sushi Restaurant

The majority of tourists in Georgia wonder where they can get good food even after checking in to their booked hotels. If the hotel doesn’t provide bed and breakfast offers, finding a delivery service becomes a better alternative. The situation turns more challenging if you have to find an Asian specific food outlet. However, with the surge in internet use, more and more restaurants offer delivery services, with the Oishi Sushi Restaurant being among them.

To place an order, you will begin by choosing your favorite Asian dish from the online menu. You should then choose your location and contact information within the city. Like other delivery services, you should then proceed to make payments, which you can either opt for cash on delivery or card payment.

Before checking out, you should include any special comments as to how you want your food prepared and packaged. After completing the order, based on your location, you will be notified of the exact time your food will arrive.

Taj Mahal Restaurant

The Taj Mahal Restaurant is famous for its exotic Indian cuisine prepared from original Indian spices and herbs. If you are in the search for healthy Asian food to enjoy in a calm atmosphere, this should be your stop. As with the majority of Asian restaurants, cooking is of utmost consideration. As for the Taj Mahal Restaurant, their chefs use Indian sourced ingredients and prepare the cuisines using a mix of both traditional cooking and modern cooking styles.

The food alone will not make you like the Taj Mahal Restaurant. You will also enjoy the kind services of their highly experienced staff with international and gastronomic knowledge of food preparation. With strong ethics, you will certainly feel satisfied with your orders from the first point of contact.

The Taj Mahal Restaurant has a rich menu, detailing appetizers, soups, salads, vegetarian dishes, chicken dishes, biriyani dishes, rice dishes, mutton dishes, rice dishes, special Indian cuisine, tandoori dishes, and hot and cold drinks. If you are having a hard time choosing your favorite delicacy, inquire from the readily available staff for some guidance.

Baan Thai Cuisine

The Baan Thai Cuisine is another exemplary restaurant that you should try for Asian food. The café is best for Asian and Thai cuisines. Located at 35 Tabakashvili Street, the café offers special diets, including vegan options, gluten-free options, and vegetarian-friendly diets. Coping with modern trends, Baan Thai Cuisine offers deliveries, takeout, reservations, and in-house seating. They also serve alcohol.

The Bottom Line

You can spend your entire holiday in Georgia enjoying the local delicacies, which include Pkhali, Khachapuri, Takhuna pies, and more. However, if these are not your cup of tea, or wishing to enjoy something sweet from your Asian home, you won’t be disappointed. Despite the city remaining average on international cuisines, with most residents being skeptical about exploring foreign tastes, you will come across excellent restaurants that provide incredible Asian dishes in their menu.

That said, as you plan your tour to Georgia, make sure to search the various available restaurants within the city deeply. With this information, you can make prior arrangements, familiarize yourself with their prices for budgeting purposes, and make hotel reservations near the restaurants if possible. Note that the presence of these restaurants doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore local Georgian dishes, which by no means deserve to be ignored.

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