11 Cherished Beauty Salons to Visit In Tbilisi

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11 Cherished Beauty Salons to Visit In Tbilisi

Ladies, and gentlemen alike, will always want to look good regardless of their location. Be it at home or in a foreign country; the need to relax and unwind as you get pampered is something to anticipate. As such, as you try to identify some worthy things to do in Georgia, make time for the trips to beauty salons. Fortunately, there are tons of high-class beauty salons in Tbilisi for you to make a choice.


Sakurami (also having branches in London, Moscow, Dubai, and Tokyo) is among the many prominent international beauty salons that invaded the Georgian market for good reasons. If you ask locals for the best salon as a foreigner, they will probably recommend Sakurami. The salon is located along the N2 Kipshidze Street in Tbilisi.

What attracts many to this beauty spa is the nooked atmosphere, made from a combination of mirrors, concrete, wood, and black iron. The Sakurami is an all-around beauty parlor, offering a wide array of styles and rejuvenation services, including aesthetic cosmetology, laser epilation with Palomar Vectus, which is the only one in Tbilisi and massages. Cuts and blow-dries in the salon are affordably priced, with the coloring being quite pricey. Manicure and pedicure are very affordable too.


The podium is one of the city’s busiest salon located along the N1 Qavtaradze Street. The salon offers quick beauty procedures from manicure, pedicure, hair treatments, laser epilation, massage, solarium, and any other procedure that suits locals and visitors in their Georgia tours. The salon has been operational for almost two decades and currently has three branches.

Two of the three branches are within the shopping centers, probably the best place to enhance your looks after a long day exploring items in your itinerary that Georgia tourism provides. What makes the salon unique is the reliable and high-quality services yet at affordable prices.

Aldo Coppola

Aldo Coppola is a new beauty spot along the N41 Abashidze Street that differs significantly from other salons. What brings these differences are the Aldo Coppola Italian haircuts, coloring, and blow-drying services that are out of this world. Stylists in the salon are overly experienced, having acquired training from various schools globally.

From the qualified hair stylists, comfortable and welcoming interior décor to client-focused specialists, the Aldo Coppola provides an assurance of making their clients happy. Probably the best feature from this salon is their quick services that enable you to get back to your residence in a short time.

Camora Hairdresser and Barber

The Camora Hairdresser and Barber is another good barbershop for those with masculine character and want to feel at home. The barber is situated along N23 Rustaveli Avenue and features a cozy and welcoming interior with a small bar. However, don’t let the size deceive you, as it has skilled barbers who can take good care of both your hair and ego. Camora Hairdresser and Barber also sell various grooming products. For quick services, you should book an appointment in advance.

Frank Provost

Frank Provost is another famous best beauty salon that you should visit during your travel to Georgia. The salon is located along the N22 Abashidze Street, which makes it convenient for most tourists who are within the town. Frank Provost is a well-known French brand that set foot in the Tbilisi beauty market about a decade ago. However, it has been operational in other countries for more than 40 years, perhaps justifying its source of experience.

Employees of the Frank Provost are up to date with modern trends in the beauty industry, providing clients with new hairstyles that suit the prevailing season. Once you enter the salon, they begin by conducting a thorough diagnosis to determine your face shape, before choosing an appropriate style and coiffure.

Haircuts are averagely priced, but you will enjoy the benefits of using the latest products on the market, such as Olapex, which mends broken bonds in your hair resulting from chemical treatments. If you are solely looking for a cosmetologist, the Frank Provost doesn’t disappoint as well. Karina is popular for her effective anti-aging procedures. However, you should book appointments in advance to see her. She uses SwissLine Lux Products and techniques developed and proven effective by leading Swiss dermatology labs and clinics.

Dessange Tbilisi

Dessange Tbilisi is a leading luxury beauty salon geared towards women’s beauty and an official partner of the Festivale De Cannes. This high-end salon is along the central Abashidze street (N3), making it easy to locate. Dessange Tbilisi assures their clients of modern trend transformations from their professionals.

The salon invests in educating their employees on the best styles and colorings twice every year. This ensures that they deliver an individualized approach to every client with precise diagnostics. Products from Dessange Tbilisi are all-natural, and you can even consider purchasing them as a Georgian souvenir.

Kids Salon

If you travel with your kids and they require a hairdo, an ear-piercing, or any other service not provided in your hotels, take them to the Kids Salon. It is located along the N77 Tsintsadze Street and is specially designed to offer children services. To capture the little one’s attention, the salon has specially designed seats and screens with cartoons.

The salon’s waiting area also has some unique and children-attracting designs that make it bearable for children who are bored or want to leave. The waiting bay has Kinect games and toys for play. After the service, kids are given rewards for behaving well during the procedures. First-time visitors also receive a Kids Salon Certificate. This is probably the best salon of its type in Georgia.

Haircuts, temporary coloring, and other kid-specific services are affordable. Pre-school children frequent the beauty salon, but your teenage kid is also welcomed.

Art House

Art House is a popular salon by Artur located in a densely populated city center, along the N12 Apakidze Street. The owner of this salon is a popular hair master in Tbilisi, with experience spanning more than 16 years. As you set foot into the salon’s yard, you will be greeted by a totally new environment, which should probably be included in your travel itinerary as an attraction.

The garden is well made and overly green, providing a calming, natural atmosphere that will make you forget you are in a beauty salon. As always, Artur has to include some soothing music in his work of art. With the magic scissors, expect to leave the salon with your hair in perfect condition. With the cuts he makes, you can easily recreate your hair at home away from the salon. General procedures in the salon are priced averagely.

Shako Sajia Beauty Salon

The Shako Sajia Beauty Salon is another excellent place to get your hear cut, massage, and beard trim, among other services within the town. The salon is located along the N37 Kostava Street, close to the Rustaveli subway station, which makes it easily accessible even for those who live on the outskirts of the city. As you enjoy your hairdo, the salon likes playing electronic music as you sip your favorite drink from the salon’s cozy bar with a minimalistic interior.

Besides, if you feel some hunger, you can always place an order in the nearby Tbilisi restaurants with delivery to the salon. Shako Sajia Beauty Salon is best for grooming accessories and products and prides of excellently skilled barbers. The Mater of Male Grooming, Mr. Sajaia, leads the salon and offers insightful tips on how to care for your hair and beard. However, don’t forget to make reservations in advance.


Located around Tbilisi city center along N1 A. Kutateladze Street, the L’Academie is an excellent beauty salon that offers its clients refreshing regimens and full styling. Visit the salon for professional beauty procedures, including pedicure, manicure, massage, laser epilation, solarium treatments, and cosmetology procedures. If you find yourself in the middle of the peak tourist season, finding an appointment is difficult due to the huge number of clientele looking for these sought after hairstylists.

Justifying its greatness is the fact that local TV producers routinely hire the services of the stylists for their hosts. They also work with popular TV shows such as “Georgia Got Talent and “X-Factor” to glam their juries. The L’Academie has VIP room services where clients get manicures and pompadours in soothing environments. Despite being among the best beauty salons in Tbilisi, L’Academie doesn’t charge expensively.

Fadaha Beauty Salon

The hair and nail studio is located in Oniashvili Street. The services provided are professional with a variety of services to choose from. The salon offers various hairdressing solutions such as treatment, extensions, lamination, staining, and haircuts. The other section of the salon provides pedicure and manicure services, make-up, and cosmetology. The charges paid for services are equal to the quality of service provided, and they are also affordable to their target clientele.

The Fadaha Beauty Salon is spacious with a waiting lounge that is equipped with a comfortable couch to keep the customer pleased.

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, finding the best place to enhance your glam in a foreign land can be challenging. Most people hardly even remember they need a hair cut, manicure, pedicure, massage, or colorings during their trip, as they concentrate all their time on various tourist activities available in this beautiful city. Whilst doing this might be prudent, do spare some time to have your hair and body treated in Tbilisi’s truly outstanding beauty salons.


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