10 Coolest and Comfiest Cafes in Tbilisi

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10 Coolest and Comfiest Cafes in Tbilisi

One of the happiest moments for most people is finding a chill spot that blends with their personality, and it is Instagram-worthy. Food served in such locations drives a whole new feel of connection and perfectly curated experiences with long-lasting memories. When it’s time to set a date, we need it done in a café that screams class, effort, and sophistication. That is why you need to know beforehand what to expect in your next holiday destination. If you are planning to visit Tbilisi or are here already, we have put together an authentic list of 10 coolest and comfiest cafes in Tbilisi. Knowing how beautiful Tbilisi is, coming up with a list of her best cafes wasn’t easy. Here’s what we found.

Gabriadze Café

This touristic and stylish place is named after the celebrated Georgian puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze. It is a light and airy restaurant adorned with art and ceramics. It is under the same management and part of the adjoining puppet theatre that presents regular performances of Gabriadze’s pioneering and heartrending plays. Gabriadze café’s menu is contemporary Georgian with good Georgian food with original twists of traditional recipes. Signature dishes include ponchiki (doughnuts) with cream, Gabriadze’s favorite cornbread bagel with cheese, plus all meals prepared and served in a ketsi – a shallow pottery pan. They open the bar until 02:00.

Gabriadze café’s Decor is on theatrical themes, alive with fascinating details. The outdoor is a beautiful rose covered terrace, and the indoors is all artsy with artworks and beautiful antique movie posters. It offers a great past time. Generally, it is delightful and cozy. Enjoy this ambiance with any of their soups or their Pheasants Tears Saperavi, which is full-bodied red and perfectly complements the Georgian flavors. It will be exciting to visit and dine at a place where Anthony Bourdain ate in his episode on Tbilisi.

Iveria Café

In front of the Radisson hotel on Rustaveli Street is a warm, contemporary, alluring, and comfortable café with huge windows that gives it a magnificent view of the city. It has a clean and warm atmosphere as its room of wood and comfortable seats surrender itself to daydreaming and reading, along with lively discussions. So it doesn’t matter if you are alone or with a company, Iveria provides a warm and cozy for each visitor, a perfect contrast from the cold outside. Visitors who have been here said they had a great experience with amazing everything, and impeccable food and service. They specifically loved the fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Iveria café’s glass exterior allows you to get lost into traffic flow on Rustaveli Street, and it is full of light in the morning and afternoon. The café’s interior design is deliciously beautiful and calming. Its outdoor seating is adored for the great view it offers over Mtkvari River, the seasonal Iveria Terrace or Rustaveli Street movements. Its location is very hard to miss so it’s ideal for visitors, quick meetings and friends meet up. If you are thinking of work, ask for a latte because their WIFI works just perfect.

Book corner

It also goes by the name Corner by the River. It is the ideal cafe for book lovers who want a quiet, classy and cozy place to read calmly. If you are into vintage books, a fine, and quiet setting, the Book corner walls will keep talking back to you; this is your safe place. There are books everywhere including the restroom. This is how it got its name. Also, small groups, couples, and loners that are looking for a serene atmosphere make Book Corner their top to hang out joint. Did you know that this cafe is among the few almost one of Tbilisi’s best cafes to have selected board games? This is a rare activity in Tbilisi cafes that you can try with your friends by the river. The Book Corner Cafe is quiet, well-designed and a bit hidden. Most people in Tbilisi are suckers for retro style, luxury and intricacy; no wonder they find Book Corner such a seamless spot to escape showy sounds and haste but just have some private alone.

The interior is incredible, and whether you choose to sit inside or outdoor, it still looks great. During winter, you can sit inside as it is warm and cozy. Outside you get to reflect or have a little banter as you watch the river. It is calming and marvelous with a nice view. Also, their food does not disappoint. They have a rich menu and guests seem to love everything made there. They also have an excellent playlist so if your idea was dinner over sweet music, it is still perfect. Lastly, the prices are a bit on the higher side, but it is well worth it.

Sosa artisanal cafe & bakery

If you love cafes with hipster style and some eccentric and interesting décor, drop by Sosa artisanal cafe & bakery. It is a charming little place with Instagram-worthy interiors in each corner. The place serves tasty breakfast and most people that have been there loved their friendly staff. It is as well known for its delicious Georgian breakfast, with fresh and hot ingredients especially if you want it full English. You will generally love their selection of breakfast and brunch along with rich variety if sumptuous looking cakes and patisseries.

Café Leila

It is the most romantic café around, even by its name. Leila means flirting in Arabic. It is also called a haven for vegetarians in Tbilisi. They have lots of well prepared and healthy vegetarian and vegan options. Then there is this romantic decor like a fairy tale. Your welcome to the café is the smell of freshly baked pancakes. For location reasons, the cafe is in the old town, a 10-minute walk from freedom square. Café Leila is in the old town, a 10-minute walk from freedom square. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-2:00am.

While they major in vegan and lactovegetarian food, they also serve fish. And yes, they serve vegan wine! Some of the sample dishes at the romantic café include Gomi (white corn) with aubergines, salads and vegetables, soups, and salads. So it is a traditional café and you will especially love sitting outside. They have a warm, slow and pleasant service that blends perfectly with their theme of serving healthy meals. If your day allows you, the best tip I will give you is to try their lemonade.

Café Linville

Café Linville is a living museum of Georgian culture in itself, accentuating the beautiful features of Georgia in every room. From cords of dried peppers above the kitchen, stand to apples, and cherries overflowing windowsills and balconies, Café Linville redefines Georgian heritage into its immaterial contemporary appearance. Linville’s adaptable day-to-night menu brags of excellent soups and creative cocktails. It is one of the few cafes in Tbilisi, where revelers can spin their pet tunes from a rich collection of the café’s vinyl records all day.

When walking from liberty Square, you will likely see an entrance to Linville because it’s brightly colored red-and-blue door is so inviting. Typically, many tourists walk along Kote Apkhazi (ex-Leselidze) street, but café Linville gives you a chance to sit at the old balcony and watch the tourists from above. Meanwhile, slightly off the central Tbilisi shopping street, the art drapes run the walls, tapestries splattered on the flooring, as the sunsets let out. They serve pumpkin soup along with traditional Georgian lobio in the garden by day.  Georgian lobio is some slow-cooked spiced beans popular with the locals. This famously known scene frequently hosts gifted local DJs plus performers when the sunsets.

There are a couple of vintage restaurants in Tbilisi, but Linville leads the pack among guests because of its central location, sensible prices and exceptional atmosphere. Live piano music will not disturb your banter with friends but makes you feel more relaxed.

Cafe le Toit

Café le Toit has to be one of the most charming cafés in Tbilisi. In case you’re new in town, you might miss it at first, such is because it’s just on its separate balcony. But when you go up, a pleasant surprise awaits you. This café has a cozy setting, music, and tasty coffee. They also have a rich variety of taste and you can often experiment with new special wine there. Most people found it by sheer coincidence, but you already know where to head for great wine and music when you are in Tbilisi.

As you stroll down the tiny streets in Tbilisi Old Town near the Bridge of Peace, you will spot a cozy terrace up on the third floor, and then there will be a little signal hanging beautifully on the wall reading “Café Le Toit.” Take the stairs and go up, pass the motel on the first floor and go into a warm and clannish (nearly English) furnished lounge, and towards the end is an acutely tiny balcony which can only take ten guests utmost. It is a favorite spot for lunch for yourself or a small intimate group, but you can get dinner or a drink. Their food is fantastic and unlike their size, they have mouthwatering dishes and an extensive menu. Since it is an elegant little space with the best service and cozy interiors, you can consider making a booking in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on a seating spot.

Café Littera

This is the Tbilisi’s’café where liberal Georgian cuisine encounters history. It is found within a striking courtyard just after the Georgian Writers house inside an over 120 years old building, once owned by Davit Sarajashvili, the creator of Georgian brandy. David put together the residence to present to his wife as a gift. It is no surprise that among Tbilisi’s best cafes, there wasn’t any better place for Georgian cuisine legend Tekuna Gachechiladze to showcase her newest culinary gig. It’s her knowledge and audacious nature to dip into the unknown that gives this place a unique and unrivaled allure by presenting traditional Georgian food and blending it with the state-of-the-art in flavor and trends. Throw in the ambient garden atmosphere and you have a winner. Café Littera has two menus, day and evening, and both are incredible.

Bina N37 or Geras Bina

Bina N37 has a Georgian flavor with a European style and accompanying wines to fit accessory to the range of dishes served. You will love Bina’s ambiance and exclusivity. The winery is of particular interest to visitors and travelers need to try this for a great Tbilisi experience.
Bina 37 or just apartment 37 is not your typical restaurant type. Right from the entrance, up to the distinctive wine cellar (Georgian: Marani) and a great host. It’s a unique idea of a traditional restaurant placed in a concrete block house in a suburban area. There is no sign to spot at the entrance, all to do is just ring at the apartment 37.

Radio Café

If you are looking for cozy and charming in one word in Tbilisi, then you must check out RadioCafe. It is famous for a unique kind of experience you won’t find around. How many places do you know that combine a radio station and a café under one roof? Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they stage an excellent performance of the best local bands and artists. You can peek at the radio show production for the online radio station (www.radiocafegeorgia.ge), or you can enjoy dinner while enjoying the live music.

Apart from its unique music concept, Radio Café is one of those few Tbilisi cafés that you will find authentic traditional Georgian, Gastro-Georgian, and European cuisine, cozy modern Georgian design, and friendly staff all in one. They serve the best Gastro-Khachapuri in Tbilisi with a rich variety of Georgian and European dishes. It has created here startling but just immensely delicious variations – with seafood, prosciutto, chicken shkmeruli, and other tastes.

They have a signature welcome by warm and friendly staff. You will love the small details, such as a message of positive thinking placed on your coffee trail. They have everything under one roof; local beer, wine, traditional food, ice cream, and tea. Their local ice cream and tea are a must-try. It is modern and cozy, but still maintains a traditional Georgian touch! Radio Café location is perfect, right at the center of a freshly revamped part of the old city. Their prices are moderate given their twist on classic cuisine with a rich menu that works for everyone including kids.

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