How to Propose in Georgia

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How to Propose in Georgia

Whether you’re a Georgian looking to propose or planning to travel to Georgia, there are many great spots around the country to pop the question. People will always ask where you got proposed and it’s brilliant to have a romantic story to it.

There are also some Georgian customs around proposals that are great to know, especially if you’re planning to marry a Georgian girl! Here is your ultimate guide to proposing in Georgia, including the best spots to ask the question.

How to propose to a Georgian woman

This section will be fascinating for everyone but if you’re not marrying a Georgian girl, you can skip ahead if you want. With proposals, you want to make all the right impressions with your partner’s family and friends.

A family gathering is to be expected. You can either propose beforehand and then enjoy a gathering or get everyone into one place to ask the question.  A supra is a Georgian fest and is perfect for this situation where you’d be expected to invite all the family members you can and a few best friends.

If you are a little anxious about doing this in front of a family then you can plan ahead. You should be asking your future in-laws for their blessing anyway, therefore if she says yes, you can plan a celebration of your engagement.

It will most likely be a huge celebration as your future father-in-law will see it as a huge deal. There will most likely be plenty of alcohol flowing. Embrace the love of the family and make the right impressions that are going to last a lifetime.

How to propose abroad

Proposing abroad can be a little tricky at times. You have to worry about picking the right spot and also getting the ring there in one piece. Here we give you a few tips if you and your partner are flying to Georgia for a vacation.

Ask the parents beforehand – It’s expected in many countries that you ask her parents’ blessing before a proposal. Don’t leave this until you’re on vacation as it could be very awkward finding time to ring them when you’re together.

Plan ahead – Know exactly what you want from your proposal. If you’re planning to propose at a popular tourist spot, for example, then you should expect there to be plenty of people around. If it’s outside, consider the temperature etc.

Hide the ring – You have to get a ring from your home to your hotel. A great way to do this is to hide the box in one of your shoes. Remember, if you carry it on you then you’ll have to take it out for security. Instead, put it in your check-in luggage to avoid this.

Get insured – Rings are expensive and hiding it for a proposal carries extra risks. You have it ensured anyway but this is especially important if you’re traveling abroad. Insurance won’t cost much and it will give you peace of mind.

Remember to act normal – It’s easy to be anxious if you’re in a foreign country and on the verge of asking a huge question. Remember to relax. There probably won’t be a ‘perfect’ moment without anyone around.

Where to propose in Georgia

There are many great places to visit in Georgia. Here we take a look at the best spots in the capital Tbilisi before taking a look at the rest of the beautiful country. With many incredible buildings, stunning lakes and picturesque mountains, you’re not going to be short of options.

Proposing in Tbilisi


The Funicular is a steep railway that will be able to take you up Mt Mtatsminda. It offers incredible views of Tbilisi and there are plenty of things to do up there, including a bar and an amusement park. You could make it even more special by proposing at night and enjoy the beautifully lit city below you before heading to one of the many great Tbilisi restaurants.

Tsminda Sameba Cathedral

The Tsminda Sameba Cathedral is an incredible piece of architecture. It isn’t far from the city center and there is plenty of room in front of the cathedral to propose. A great time to do it is at sunset when the light of the sun is fading and the lights shining on the cathedral take effect. It looks incredibly romantic and you’re sure to get a positive answer.

Narikala Fortress

If you’re heading to Tbilisi then you can’t miss the Narikala Fortress. It’s perched up on the hillside and watches over the city, allowing you to see it from anywhere in Tbilisi. You can expect plenty of fellow tourists which you should bear in mind. If you wanted a quieter proposal, you can sneak off to any of the surrounding hills and propose just outside it. Night or day, Narikala Fortress is spectacular.

Jinvali Water Reservoir

If you wanted to have peace and quiet for your Tbilisi proposal then Zhinvali/Jinvali Water Reservoir would be a wonderful spot to do it. The green hills rising dramatically from the water gives it the look of paradise. With it being such a large area you’re sure to find a spot where there is no-one around. It’s only a few miles outside the city and very easy to get too.

Turtle Lake

A beautiful lake perched 700 meters above one of the most beautiful cities in the world? It’s a perfect recipe for a proposal. It’s a serene spot where you’ll be able to find a bit of peace to be able to propose. There is a road leading up to it and it’s easy to get too. It makes it perfect for those who are interested in Georgia car rental when traveling to the country.

Proposing outside Tbilisi


Mount Kazbegi is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world and is a part of the Caucasus mountains which are breathtaking. Proposing in the shadow of these mountains is a great idea but especially at the Gergeti Trinity Church. It watches over the Kazbegi region as it’s perched on a hillside with a 360-degree view of wonderful scenery.


Looking for the most beautiful village in the world? Ushguli would have a good claim to that title. Situated in a valley in the mountain region of Svaneti, Ushguli has old watchtowers and brick buildings that make it look like the movie set of a fantasy film. Get in a 4×4, head up the road from Mestia, stay the night and have a truly unique experience.

Tusheti National Park

Tusheti National Park is in the north east of the country and is a vast expanse of forests, mountains and valleys that are postcard perfect. There are a vast number of scenic spots where you could ask the question. It may be a little difficult to get to for some people but for a couple who love having an adventure, you’ll love taking the journey.

Lake Ritsa

Another beautiful spot in Georgia is Lake Ritsa. It is in the north west of the country and is surrounded by forests. If you’re a couple that loves hiking then you could make this into the best hike that you’ve ever had. You could even hire a boat and head out into the middle of the lake and be surrounded by nature while you ask for her hand in marriage.

Katskhi Pillar

Want to have a truly unique proposal that no-one you know will ever copy? The Katskhi Pillar is the site of a church that has been there since the 7th century. The pillar is 40 meters high and sticks out vertically from the landscape. The iron ladders required to get there mean it’s not an option for those who are afraid of heights. For those who can stomach it, you’ll have an experience like no other and a proposal that she’ll love telling everyone all about.

Proposal tips

If you want to propose then there are a few tips that could make your life a lot easier.

Talk to her about it – Try and get an idea well before your trip about a proposal, what type of ring she’d like and her ring size. Be casual about it and not too obvious but it’s great to get a few ideas. See whether she’d hate the thought out getting proposed too in crowded space or would prefer something more secluded.

Don’t drive yourself crazy – If you’re in a tourist spot then you may spend too long looking for a quiet moment. If you’re outdoors, for the sky to clear etc. Don’t get annoyed if the moment isn’t quite as perfect as you wanted. If you propose in any of the places above, she won’t care.

Take pictures – You’re full of emotion and she’s said yes! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment. Get a fellow tourist or local to take a photo and snap a few selfies. If you forget to take photos, she’ll regret it. After proposing at one of these spots, she’ll want to tell the whole world.

Know what you’re going to say – Even if it’s simple, know your lines. If you get down on one knee your mind may go blank, especially if you see anyone looking on. You want to be romantic but if it’s just “will you do me the pleasure of being my wife” then that’s great. Just know that you’re going to say beforehand.

Have a back-up plan – Say you plan to propose on the Funicular but you get there are see the railway has broken down. It’s great to have a back-up option. If your vacation is spread over a few days then be patient and try again.

Secure your ring – If you’re traveling with a ring, keep it safe and hidden away. This is easy if you have a coat but if it’s a sunny day, keep it in its own pocket. If carrying the box is too obvious, then keep it wrapped up in soft cloth in a secure location such as a wallet. You can then slip it into your hand for the proposal.

Make Georgia a part of your history

Wherever you propose, that place will be entwined in your relationship history forever. The woman you’re planning to marry deserves an amazing engagement story and Georgia has plenty of places to make that happen. If you’re planning on proposing in Georgia then good luck and we hope you get the answer you’re looking for.

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