Bakuriani Ski Resort

Boasting 29km of alpine slopes and terrain, Bakuriani is the largest and most popular ski resort in Georgia. This extraordinary village is nestled in the shadow of the breathtaking Caucasus Mountains. A pearl among the Caucasian resorts, it offers some of the most spectacular skiing and snowboarding in Europe.

The ski center of Bakuriani is located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region at an elevation of 1,700 meters above sea level. An internationally acclaimed winter sports hub, Bakuriani is the best four-season mountain resort for skiing and snowboarding in Georgia. Ideal for sport and nature enthusiasts, it’s a great destination for enjoying the Georgian winter.


The first residents of Bakuriani town were Ukrainians who were resettled here in the 18th century. Later, Georgians began to settle in the area as well, and Bakuriani Ski Resort was born in 1935. Although the infrastructure of these skiing facilities dates back to Soviet times, it has long since been renovated to modern Olympic standards.

During the Soviet era, Bakuriani skiing hub was one of the bases for Winter Olympics training. It is here that many famous soviet skiers trained in ski mountaineering, slalom, bobsleigh, biathlon, and ski-flying sporting events.

Today, Bakuriani is one of the most popular destinations for Georgia tourism. Thousands of tourists and locals come here each year to ski, sled, explore the nearby hills and slopes or just relax and take in the fresh mountain air. For a hassle-free vacation at this famous winter resort, all visitors are highly encouraged to use the services of our travel agency so as to enjoy a choice of our fantastic vacation packages.


The climate in Bakuriani is mild as it sits in a transition zone between coastal and continental climate. It is not very windy in the village and that makes it ideal for those who prefer not to ski in freezing weather.

This ski resort experiences cold winters with significant snowfall that blankets the landscape for 4-5 months. These long winters make Bakuriani a paradise for skiers and snowboarders alike. But even during the cold months, the resort is often graced by clear skies and fairly warm temperatures hovering between 6 to 7 degrees below zero. Summers at Bakuriani are short, but they do bring the scent of coniferous trees and other climatic factors that provide ideal conditions for rest and recreation.

The ski season in Bakuriani lasts from January to late April, offering a good quantity and quality of snow. From December through March, the average snow cover thickness is 64 cm, which is ideal for beginner or intermediate level skiers. The best time to visit Bakuriani Ski Resort is the period between January and the end of March when the snow cover is sufficient for all kinds of winter sports.


Accessible all year round, Bakuriani Resort is situated on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, 29 km from Borjomi, another famous resort town. It is also located 205 km to the north of Tbilisi and can be reached in 2.5 hours by road. Mini-buses depart daily every hour from Didube Bus Station in Tbilisi. Located 155km from Bakuriani, Kutaisi is just a 2-hour drive away. You can also take a bus on a 4.5-hour drive to Bakuriani from Batumi which is 302km away. If you prefer to hire a car and drive yourself to the skiing center, be sure to have winter tire-cover on your vehicle for easier navigation over the snow-covered icy roads.

Another great way to reach Bakuriani is by taking a scenic ride on the Kukushka train. The Kukushka is a 37km narrow-gauge railway line linking the town of Borjomi to the ski resort of Bakuriani. The first Kukushka train completed its journey on this route in 1902, and the Borjomi-Bakuriani railway has since achieved the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status. Popular among tourists and locals alike, the famous train meanders through breathtaking forest before ascending Georgia’s great mountains. It’s simply a must for lovers of stunning natural scenery.


Bakuriani ski center is situated between the elevations of 1,740 and 2,702 meters above sea level and offers 23 ski pistes with a total length of 29km. The pistes are of varying difficulty levels, with some suitable for children. The resort consists of the following ski areas that are not connected: Didveli, Kokhta, Mitarbi, and Joyland.


One of the most beautiful ski areas in Georgia, Didveli is a fun amusement park which offers plenty to keep children of all ages entertained. Located 1,861 m above sea level, the all-season Didveli has 8 ski pistes with a total length of 16km. Modern and developed, Didveli tracks are equipped with artificial snow-making systems and varying ski trails ideal for skiers of all levels. Slopes are divided according to these levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert.

Didveli is nestled on the slopes of Mount Sakvelo, which guarantees breathtaking views of the mountainous surroundings of the ski resort. There is a chairlift at the top of the mountain which offers exhilarating descents, along with 3 ski lifts and 1 funicular. Popular for night skiing, Didveli is particularly gorgeous in the evening when colorful lights illuminate the length of the track.


Re-opened in 2016 after being shut down for 30 years, Kokhta is the oldest ski area within the Bakuriani sports center. Along with Didveli, Kokhta is one of the beauties of Bakuriani. It is newly renovated with one ski lift and newly-built roads, hotels, shops, entertainment centers, and parking areas. Currently, Kokhta offers intermediate and advanced ski pistes only. From the base station at 1,725m, skiers can ascend up to an elevation of 2,157m above sea level. The total length of the slope is 3.1km.


Mitarbi is a four-season mountain resort located 4km from the Bakuriani skiing hub. After a 30-year break, plans are underway at Mitarbi to build hotels, cottages, and food and entertainment facilities. Three new ski lifts have already been built, allowing guests to be transported 2,300m above sea level. Currently, the Mitarbi skiing area offers 11 ski tracks suitable for intermediate, advanced and expert skiers. The total length of the tracks is 10 km.


Joyland is the best place in Bakuriani for beginners and children interested in Georgia skiing. Founded in 2011, Joyland tubing park is located close to the central park. The entertainment park features 3 zones: Skyland, Tubingland, and Babyland, which makes it suitable for all ages. It also has a bar and restaurant called EnJoy.


Bakuriani is an excellent choice for adventurous skiers who like to try new trails. Many international winter sports athletes come to this ski resort to practice their skills. Perfect for families and popular among the young generation, it’s also a great venue for kids to enjoy their first taste of winter sports.

The ski center is equally popular among non-skiers who can instead enjoy the numerous restaurants, amusement parks, sleds, carriage rides, snow scooters and more. If your family is not that fond of winter sports, a good place to take the kids is to the skating rink at the central park of Bakuriani. For a fee, you can rent skates, hire an ice skating coach and have some fun away from the slopes. Alternatively, you can simply take long walks through the beautiful snowy forests.

Bakuriani skiing hub offers a wide variety of things to do. Ropeways, ski-tracks, ski-jumps, night skiing, cross-country trails, snowmobiles, horse rides, and horse-drawn sleds can all be found in Bakuriani. The surrounding mountains also offer infinite possibilities for both scenic and challenging mountain mobile trips.


With snow blankets lasting 4-5 months, Didveli’s deep alpine runs attract skiers from around the world. Whether you want to enjoy intense ski runs or just a relaxing time in a winter chalet, Didveli is just the place for you. Recently renovated, the Kokhta ski area is also perfect for intermediate and professional skiers. Perfect ski pistes on both Didveli and Kokhta promise endless skiing pleasure. There are several ski schools available at Bakuriani with experienced instructors for beginners to learn how to ski or slide on a snowboard. Although skiing equipment such as helmets and ski goggles are available for hire from ski rental companies in Bakuriani, it is recommended that you bring your own.


Snowboarders and freestylers can indulge in their passion at Didveli. From early December, snowboarders take advantage of Didveli’s sunshine, alpine climate and slopes of varying difficulties. Because 22% of Didveli’s slopes utilize snowmakers, the resort does not need to rely on the weather to produce the right quality and quantity of snow for its snowboarding activities.


Blaze your own trail on Didveli’s powdery slopes. Soak up the blue sky as you freeride along Bakuriani’s many deep snow runs. With the assistance of experienced guides and excellent equipment, you can enjoy unparalleled skiing and snowboarding.


There is nothing better than hiking in snow to experience the true joys of winter. Snow-covered trails of Bakuriani take you on a journey through wonderful winter landscapes. Experience the serenity of nature as your spirits lighten with each step, your stress melting away like icicles in the sun.


Toboggan is a gravity-driven alpine coaster ride that runs on rails with up-stop wheels just like a roller coaster. The toboggan at Bakuriani Ski Resort is located at Didveli near the children’s park and ski pistes. Safer than an alpine slide, the toboggan offers year-round fun.


Didveli is just the place for lovers of mountain biking. It offers trails of varying difficulties to suit both beginners and pro bikers. There are 2 easy trails for beginners, two intermediate trails for bikers who want to improve their skill and one difficult trail for those who enjoy extreme mountain biking.


The hiking trails of Didveli immerse you into the splendor of the Caucasus Mountains. Set in an extraordinary natural environment, the gently sloping paths are ideal for families and nature lovers, as well as the serious mountain climbers. Choose from trails leading to easily accessible alpine valleys and beautiful panoramic attractions, to hidden corners high in the mountains.


Thanks to its geographical conditions, a variety of horse riding tours can be organized at the ski resort of Bakuriani. Horse riding is a great way to explore the traditional Adjarian village and view the breathtaking panorama from the hills overlooking the Bakuriani ski center. Saddle up and take a ride through the picturesque mountain landscape while enjoying the fresh air and spectacular Bakuriani scenery.


The surroundings of Bakuriani Ski Resort are also interesting and offer a variety of amazing places to visit. After a tiring yet fun day out on the mountains, you can retreat to Borjomi for some rejuvenation from its famous mineral water springs. Enjoying Georgian cuisine, wine and chacha (brandy) tasting by the fireplace is another great way to relax after a day on the slopes.

You can also take a day trip to see attractions such as the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Jvari Monastery, Romanov’s Palace, Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, Timotesubani Monastery and the Green Monastery. Adventure enthusiasts can go caving in Uplistsikhe.


Although the ski resort of Bakuriani is less busy in the summer months, many additional hotels open during winter. In comparison to other ski resorts in Georgia, accommodation at Bakuriani ski center is inexpensive. That said, accommodation rates tend to double up in the period between Christmas and New Year.

Travelers on a budget can choose from a wide range of family-friendly hotels. For traveling families, some hotels even offer nanny services with experienced nannies who can look after your children while you’re out conquering the steep slopes. Alternatively, you can opt for vacation rentals and enjoy a self-catering stay. For your shopping, there are markets on almost every corner of the town that stock produce at affordable prices.

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