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Imagine a fairytale land—stone castles that stand tall and proud, green hills that evoke the most beautiful of artworks, ancient monasteries that take you to the past, crystal beaches, and snowy mountains. All together.

Luckily, you don’t need to cross a magic wardrobe to reach such a place—just the Caucasus Mountains.

Seated between the Great Caucasus and the Black Sea, Georgia—known as Sakartvelo to its own citizens—is a land of beauty and contrasts. Natural splendor mixes with a rich history and the warm hospitality of its people, creating a small paradise on earth that you must visit.

Not convinced? Explore the 9 reasons why you should book a flight to Georgia on your next vacations.

9. It’s a budget-friendly destination.

Vacationing to a foreign destination can be quite an intimidating feat—some countries are well-known for their expensive living cost, and that may cause several worries when traveling within a budget.

Thankfully, this is not a matter of concern if you choose Georgia as your next vacation spot.

Considered the 7th cheapest country in the world, Georgia is a paradise for the budget traveler. Food is relatively inexpensive, most touristic attractions are remarkably affordable and, if you are tight on money, you can even enjoy Georgia’s beauty on a $30/day budget.

Georgia is an unparalleled choice—you will get your money’s worth, alongside life-changing experiences.

8. Enjoy a relaxing sulfur bath.

Visiting Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, is synonymous with enjoying its relaxing Sulphur baths. In fact, the city’s own name means “warm location”.

According to a local legend, King Vakhtang discovered the hot springs while hunting with his falcon, and was so impressed that he decided to found a city around them. Sulfur baths are relaxing and effective against skin afflictions and arthritis, and are part of Georgian culture.

This activity is particularly prominent in the Abanotubani neighborhood within the Old Town of Tbilisi—it features many different bathhouses, ranging from cheap to luxurious.

7. Georgian wine is the oldest in the world.

It may surprise you, but the origins of winemaking are firmly rooted within Georgian soil. An archaeological discovery found traces of the valuable drink on pottery from over 8,000 years ago, crowning Georgia as the oldest wine region known.

Georgians are proud of their rich wine, and continue to use traditional methods—they require a large, egg-shaped vessel made out of clay named kvevri. These containers are buried underground to accelerate the fermentation, a process that has been named an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO.

If you wish to explore the most beautiful vineyards and taste a unique wine, your best bet is to visit Kakheti.

6. Natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty.

Outdoorsy people that enjoy awe-inspiring natural landscapes will find in Georgia an underrated paradise. Fit to suit the demands of the pickiest Instagrammers, this country features picture-perfect natural spots of all sorts.

For example, the Martvili Canyon displays a charming contrast between the crystal-green waters of the Abasha River and the remarkable rock formations surrounding it, while the Prometheus Cave showcases impressive stalactites and stalagmites in a rain of color.

Likewise, ocean lovers get to enjoy the breeze of the Black Sea and its impressive beauty. Resorts like Kvariati, Kobuleti, and Shekvetili provide the best locations and facilities to enjoy summer throughout.

5. Is a skiing paradise.

Georgia is not only a dreamy summer destination—its entertainment options during winter are just as broad, if not even more impressive.

Forget about the Alps—blessed with the Caucasus Mountains and an extraordinary landscape, Georgia is an impressive skiing paradise, and one of the best kept secrets of winter sports’ enthusiasts.

The largest and most popular Georgian winter destination is the Gudauri Ski Resort, a charming ski town that has an international appeal, affordable prices and, even better, is located within two hours of Tbilisi. However, this is not the only option available—fans of more secluded, less popular resorts can visit Mestia, and kid-friendly options include Bakuriani.

4. Beautiful churches and monasteries.

To say Georgia has historically been a religious country would be an understatement—the Orthodox Church thrives here, and over 80% of the population identifies with it.

In fact, Georgia was the second country in the world to adopt Christianity as the official religion—only Armenia did so first. This means that the country is full of breathtaking churches from many different eras and diverse architectural styles.

Amongst the most famous ones are the medieval Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, the iconic Gergeti Trinity Church atop of the Kazbegi Mountain, and the unique Vardzia—a cave monastery built at the Erusheti Mountain.

3. A rich and intricate history.

Fellow history nerds, worry not—Georgia has more than enough history to satisfy your knowledge cravings.

Archaeological findings date human existence in Georgia to nearly two million years ago, and one of its cities—Kutaisi—is one oldest in Europe, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Colchis.

What comes after it is rich in events and culture—prosperous kingdoms, Mongol invasions, Soviet occupations, and many other events make for a dynamic background that made way to its current beauty.

Best part? Georgia is full of museums covering all sorts of topics and areas of expertise, and they are incredibly affordable—think of around $1 per entry. Georgian history and culture are within reach, all you have to do is explore them.

2. The cuisine is exquisite and diverse.

Whether you are a foodie or not, odds are you value the quality of the local food of your preferred destination. And if the experts are to be believed, Georgia has the 4th best cuisine in Europe.

Located between Asia and Europe, Georgia blends the best of both worlds, boasting of mouth-watering dishes like the cheesy delight that is khachapuri, or the Georgian dumpling khinkali.

If you are particularly lucky during your visit to Georgia, you may even experience the renowned supra—a grand traditional feast that celebrates comradery and human bonds through elaborate toasts and delicious food.

1. Georgian hospitality is unlike any other.

Talking about supra—while the food served is unquestionably delicious, the real appeal of this long-standing tradition is the warmth emanating from the kind Georgian hosts, who ensure the comfort and happiness of everyone welcomed within their household as if they were long-lost relatives.

What is a country without its people? If Georgia remains a charming, beautiful, welcoming spot is thanks to Georgians themselves—people that believe guests are “gifts from God” and will do their best to make sure you think of Georgia as home, now and always.

And with people like them—how could you not?

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