Where to Party Before You Go Clubbing in Tbilisi

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Where to Party Before You Go Clubbing in Tbilisi

Tbilisi has one of the most extravagant and exciting nightlife scenes in all of Georgia.

Tbilisi bars and clubbing venues are some of the most well-known party places throughout the country. The nightlife can be seen as a reflection of the incredible diversity you’ll find in Tbilisi. From American social scenes to Georgian’s favorites, pregame bars and clubs alike are some of the most fun you can have if you’re visiting Tbilisi.

Tbilisi has been featured as one of Georgia’s most amazing places to visit.

While clubbing in Tbilisi is a highlight of the city, you’ll also find plenty of options for pregame bars that will fill the beginning of your evening with laughter, good times, and great food.

Knowing the best pregame bars is key to starting your night on the right foot.

So, where should your party before you go clubbing in Tbilisi? If you want to get the party started the right way, you’ve found the right place.

Let’s dive into the pregame bars in Tbilisi that will help your night of clubbing one of the best you’ll ever have.

Black Dog Bar

If you’re an animal lover or owner, this is one of the best bars to grub down and get some drinks in your system before you hit the clubs for the night.

It was the first self-declared pet-friendly bar in Tbilisi, it opened in 2016.

The bar is the perfect American-Georgian pub. You’ll find craft beer, a variety of drinks, American food, and evening tunes that consist of reggae, rock, and jazz.

It’s the perfect pregame bar to make your home for a few hours.

If you’re a non-smoker, you’ll find this even more appealing. The bar is one of the few smoke-free bars in Tbilisi.

Chacha Room

If you’re familiar with Georgian culture, you know chacha. If you’re not in the loop, chacha is a stronger, clear, liquor that is a favorite among the locals in Tbilisi.

Trying the drink is one of the ‘musts’ if you’re looking for things to do in Georgia.

This bar specializes in creating the best chachas possible. Their flavors range from cornelian cherry to pomegranate, to mango. The flavors go on, so you won’t find yourself ever having a dull drink while exploring the best chahcas you’ll find in Tbilisi.

If you’re only in town for a short while and want to get the most out of Georgian nightlife culture, you’ll want to make this a stop on your pregame bar checklist.


Lolita is an upscale and bar and kitchen that can be perfect on a beautiful evening when the temperature is just right. You’ll find an open-air bar and kitchen with plenty of outdoor seating for you to enjoy a cool breeze before taking on the night.

The bar serves local wines, homemade lemonade, a variety of cocktail, feijoa chacha and a variety of different kinds of food for you to order.

All of this adds up to the perfect start to a glorious night of Tbilisi clubbing.

Drunk Owl Bar

The Drunk Owl Bar is a cheaper bar with a European flair to it.

You’ll find all the stereotypical Georgian drinks with many European twists as well. You’ll find it tucked away in Old Town.

Live music is played throughout the weekends to keep an upbeat and fun atmosphere throughout the night.

The bar is also relatively cheap and can be a good spot to meet up with some friends in a social environment before you move onto some of the more high-class, expensive clubs within the city.

Dive Bar

If you’re an American ex-pat or just a person who wants to experience the American party culture, Dive Bar is your place to go.

You’ll find that it imitates the friendly atmosphere of most American bars and provides an excellent environment to meet new friends as you laugh and talk while playing American bar games.

It was founded by Americans and doesn’t pretend to fit in with the stereotypical Tbilisi bars you’ll find. The staff are extremely friendly and will chat your ear off if you hang out by the bar, you’ll feel relaxed the whole time, and most importantly, you can play beer pong.

That’s right, the American-party-staple, beer pong, is offered at Dive Bar. You can feel like you’re at a college party while shooting ping pong balls into cups and listening to the latest popular music.

If you think your skills are good enough, you can prove it. Dive Bar will also occasionally host beer pong competitions where you can compete against other teams to prove you’re the best in the bar.

All the fun combined with reasonably priced drinks makes the Dive Bar an ideal spot to socialize with a group of friends before you make the journey that is clubbing in Tbilisi.


If you’re a hipster, or just want to pretend to be one for a night, Pirimze can be loads of fun.

The bar and restaurant offer some of the best food out of all the pregame bars in the city and a relaxing evening before you start clubbing.

Locals love the bar for its calm and relaxing environment. Music is typically 60s and 70s based. Sometimes the bar will bring in local electronic artists to perform as well, making it a popular spot to keep up with some of the best local music.

Pirimze won’t get your blood pumping, but it will serve as the spot to mellow out for an hour or two before continuing with the night.

It’s also perfect to wind down here at the end of the night, so don’t be afraid to make two stops in one night!


If you’re looking for a place to get a delicious meal before your night begins, Aripana serves some up some of the best grub you can get in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi restaurants are already extremely well recognized for their exquisite food and wonderful atmosphere. But, Aripana takes it to another level.

You’ll begin your meal by being hand-delivered a map of Georgia. You’ll find the country divided into 13 different regions, all with their unique food offerings.

You’ll be able to choose whatever region you’ll like and start your meal in one region and hop across Georgia to your next entrée. You’ll be able to decide on whatever region of your choice and switch at your pleasure.

This is perfect if you’re interested in taking a deep dive into Georgian cuisine and getting the most cultural experience from a single meal.

While this restaurant is upscale, it’s a must on the list of places to visit in Georgia.

Salobie Bia

Lobio, or beans, is a traditional Georgian food and is a hearty meal to fill your stomach before a night of drinking.

The food is traditionally from Racha, a mountainous region of Georgia. However, good food travels quickly and you can find some of the best Salobie in the heart of Tbilisi.

You’ll know you found Salobie Bia when you see the clay pots filled with beans filled with greens and other toppings. If your sight doesn’t get you there, you’ll smell the savory scent of the delicious beans wafting past your nostrils when you get close.

They also offer vegan options for those who aren’t interested in eating meat.

Salobie Bia should be your go-to if you’ve never experienced the heavenly traditional food that is lobio. The hearty portion will refuel you and keep you satisfied throughout your night of clubbing in Tbilisi.


Naxvamdis isn’t the traditional pregame bar that you may be thinking o.

At its core, Naxvamdis is an internet café, but with an alcoholic twist.

You’ll have to pay a time-based rate to gain admittance to the café. Once you’re in, you’ll have unlimited access to cookies, coffee, and the internet.

They also happen to have a bar on-site and serve alcohol to those who are interested.

If you’re on a solo adventure or just want a relaxing place to check out the web and kick back while having a few drinks, Naxvamdis delivers.

Feel free to casually sip away on your drinks while as you begin your journey into the night.


Warszawa is everything you want in a pregame bar.

You’ll find some of the cheapest shots and drinks in Tbilisi here as well as options for meals.

The bar doesn’t have many seats, but it does offer a few. It’s a great bar to spend a short amount of time at, but stay too long and you’ll soon become annoyed at the large crowd that won’t wither away.

If you want to get loaded for cheap before you continue along on your adventure, Warszawa is for you.

As a bonus, if you’re needing shuttle bus tickets to the Kutaisi airport, you’re in luck. You’ll be able to buy them from the bartender.

If you’re an anxious flyer, Warszawa can be your pregame bar before you hop on your flight as well!

Bauhaus Café

This café is a hidden gem among the many restaurants you’ll find in Tbilisi.

The cozy restaurant primarily offers food they classify as healthy and delicious. You’ll find plenty of vegetarian options as well.

Many locals appreciate this café as being one of the few in the city that focuses on the health benefits behind their food. Bauhaus Café is so respected for its culinary views, they will occasionally host culinary masterclasses.

These classes can be a great opportunity to learn more about cooking and the importance of incorporating quality food into your diet. They also can be a great beginning to your evening!

The café also serves alcohol that includes some amazing sangria.

If you’re out on a date night, try attending one of these classes and getting a little tipsy on their sangria before your big night out on the town.


Zoestan excels at bringing you an upbeat atmosphere with cuisine and drinks you won’t typically find in Georgia.

They always have the radio pumping some unique blends of French choirs singing Georgian tunes. Other French and Georgian songs are played throughout the restaurant to create a relaxing atmosphere in an environment that feels upscale.

What makes Zoestan so special is its ability to bring multiple cultures into one establishment. It’s a beautiful combination of some of the best drinks, food, and entertainment that the French and Georgians have to offer. It’s been noted to be one of the best places for someone to capture the sound of Tbilisi.

This can be an incredibly relaxing way to start your night and experience something so unique that you won’t find it anywhere else in the world.

Canudos Ethnic Bar

Canudos is a bright, shining light that rivals the energy of the sun on a Summer day you’d call perfection.

They’re incredibly popular among the younger partygoers because of their vibrant atmosphere that creates a lively vibe to begin your night.

The drinks are relatively well priced compared to other bars in the area and you’ll always find a rather large crowd enjoying their evening at the bar no matter what day of the week it is.

I’m serious, you’ll find a party every day of the week at Canudos. Every day this bar is open you’ll find some of the best people and drinks of any pregame bar in Tbilisi.

The only downside to the bar is that its location is centered around many other bars that attract many drinkers. Because of this, you’ll find many drunks wandering the streets around the bar.

Regardless if you attend this bar or not, it’s always best to ensure your safety when you’re out drinking late at night.

Art-Café Home

Art-Café Home isn’t meant for everyone.

It’s a relatively upscale café that serves alcohol and displays many various art pieces for you to view as your evening begins.

The café is broken up into three floors, all intricately decorated. You’ll hear music throughout the building that creates a positive atmosphere for you to enjoy.

There is also a balcony that is lit up red, you’ll find that you can smoke here.

The café can be great for socializing and having fun with a group of friends, or a date, before going out clubbing.

Its atmosphere isn’t for everyone, but who can say no to good drinks and a lavish café?

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