13 Best Summer Cafes in Tbilisi

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13 Best Summer Cafes in Tbilisi

The majority of locals in Tbilisi consider eating out in cozy cafes as a primary socializing activity. Georgians generally love spending time at unique venues chatting with friends, tourists, and strangers, discussing hot topics over a cup of their favorite beverage or meal. If you are a tourist in the country of wonders, you will soon uncover this unexplained love of locals. Therefore, as you search for places to spend your time, you should definitely try finding the best cafes in Tbilisi that suit your summer vacation.

Without a doubt, the summer season is the best time to visit Georgia for many reasons. To begin with, Georgia tourism is at the pick with the majority of tour companies providing incredible offers on various destinations. Tbilisi being among the central areas to visit in Georgia is full of excellent cafes. From chain cafes with amazingly baked goods such as Coffeesta and Brotmeister to hidden cafes within residential buildings, there is a lot to explore.

That said, to have more fun when traveling to Georgia, below are the best summer cafes in Tbilisi you should visit.

Coffee Lab

The Coffee Lab is one of its own café in Tbilisi that makes the best coffee. The restaurant roasts its own coffee grains, and tourists can get a wide range of coffee choices, including coffee complimented by fresh food. You will certainly like the sleek interior design that makes it an overly trendy place to hang out with friends and travel partners. There are several power points too if you need to get some work done, as you enjoy your cup of coffee. The café is located within a small park with a peaceful outdoor seating.


If you have never been to Tbilisi before, you will notice that the majority of Tbilisi restaurants feature a vintage-style design. Well, such designs have been massively trending for a good number of years. Whereas there are a countable number of such destinations, the Linville is one of the most popular cafés you should consider visiting. The café was initially a residential apartment; thus, at first, it can be hard to spot.

However, once you stroll down the Lote Abkhazi Street from Liberty Square, you will see a colorfully painted metal door after the second turn on the right. Take the creaking wooden steps, and you will end in the Linville café. The seemingly simple yet cozy café has a charming atmosphere with attractive sightseeing opportunities. Enjoy such views over a cup of coffee, delicious lunch, or afternoon dessert. You could as well visit during the evenings for some wine and enjoy background live piano music.

Café Gabriadze

Any experienced Georgian tour guide will tell you that the Café Gabriadze is a must-visit café during your summer trip to the region. Located just next to the Clock Tower and Gabriadze Marionette, the Café Gabriadze is a quirky and beautiful café making up the entire Gabriadze complex. The name originates from Rezo Gabriadze, who is an excellent sculptor, theater, and film director who designed the Clock Tower and the café.

The café has only three rooms with a summer terrace that overlooks the ancient Anchiskhati and Clock Tower. This enables tourists to view the magnificent work of Rezo’s art, including paintings, adorning wall posters, sculptures, and ceramics scattered along with the café.

Café Mziuri

Café Mziuri is another excellent and best-kept secret of Tbilisi. The café is hidden and has remained a leading recreational park in the country’s capital. The café underwent a recent renovation, making it a suitable relaxing social environment with exciting indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Apart from the simple yet elegant look, the café was the first to adopt measures that make people with disabilities very welcomed. These measures include a cement ramp at the entrance, disability accessible bathrooms, and menus with braille scripts, among others.

During warm summer and spring seasons, Café Mziuri offers open-air movie sessions for tourists. The only downside is that movies are dubbed in Georgian subtitles, making it difficult for those who only understand English. Regardless, the café also hosts several social and cultural events frequently.

Café Otakhi

Like another majority of cafes in Tbilisi, the Café Otakhi is a gorgeous compact café hidden in a quiet residential street. The restaurant serves fresh hot coffee, which may not be perfect for daytime visits, but suitable for evening meet-ups. During the day, as the sun strikes high, you can enjoy the café’s mouth-watering chocolate muffins and juices.

For calm appearance and feel, the Café Otakhi is re-purposed with wood and paintings full of bright colors. The café may not accommodate a large number of tourists, but it provides a fantastic environment to share time with your travel companions.


Tbilisi is not an early morning town; thus, it doesn’t have a significant breakfast culture. So to say, most Georgians prefer taking some quick coffee alongside some sweet snack from the previous day before heading out for early morning schedules. Summer tourists, on the other hand, wake up quite late, making it essential to find the best place for brunch, which is the Fabrika café.

Brunch lovers will certainly enjoy the buffet provided at the Fabrika café and hostel. The café has a small but decent menu with special brunch menus during weekends. However, you should note that the buffet breakfast is only available before 11 am on weekdays and before noon on weekends. The buffet features a wide range of eating options at an affordable price.

Upon placing your order, everything is made fresh from the restaurant’s open kitchen, from the omelets and pancakes to khachapuri. The café also offers amazing Georgia vacation rentals, and you can book a room at friendly prices.

Stamba Café

If you are searching for the trendiest café, the Stamba Café should be your pick. The café is a newly opened restaurant located close to popular hotel rooms suitable for those who are willing to spend time region. The entire complex encompasses a hotel, restaurant, casino, and a café housed within one house. The interior décor and design of the café are incredibly stylish with an open kitchen with a jungle of pot plants.

Engaging the services of a tour guide will help you book room hotels in the café or adjacent Georgia hotels such as the Fabrika and Café Lolita across the road. Therefore, worry not, if you enjoy creative spaces as there are plenty of options available.

Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan

The Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan is located along Tabukashvili Street at the backside of the Rustaveli Theatre. The place is a popular souvenirs cafe, which makes it a great choice for those who want unlimited access to a plethora of Georgian souvenirs. Like other majority Tbilisi cafes, this place is quite hidden, but often full due to their sumptuous food.

The café specializes in various Georgian and Eastern European delicacies with a nice interior. For its setup and delicious meals, you wouldn’t certainly mind the relatively pricey foods sold here. If your visit is during summer, the weather will suitably allow you to sit outside. The outside setting is incredible, with authentic grape vines hanging above the seats for a nice smell. The place is also cat-friendly, and you will likely find one or more cats lying around. If you visit Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan, make sure that you try the Okroshka and homemade lemonade.


Amodi is another recently opened and coolest summer cafes in Tbilisi. It is a perfect place for hot summer nights, thanks to its stunning view of the entire capital city. The café is a start-up project of four friends, which became popular quickly for many reasons. Among them, include their great cocktails, affordable beer, grills, and amazing burgers.

Another factor that led to the increasing popularity of the café is the weekly programs that attract both tourists and locals alike. For instance, a local comedy show records live from the Amodi café every Monday, and a Jazz evening with live music happens every Thursday. With this, the café is a great place to hang out and spend cool evenings with friends, meet people, and enjoy the positive vibes of the city. One thing for sure about the café is that you should mind your steps. The stairs are directly willing to test your alcohol levels.

Mama Terra Veggie Corner

You might be among the small percentage of tourists who land to Georgia with a strict vegetarian diet. Unlike other tourists, you will have to search for a specialized café for better satisfaction. One such café is the Mama Terra Veggie Corner, which is tagged to have the best vegetarian food in Tbilisi.

The café serves a wide array of great veggie diets and vegan food prepared from fresh local farm produce. For many reasons, the café is quite costly, but undoubtedly worth it for enthusiastic vegans. Apart from the vegan preparations, you will like the fact that the café has flower art walls with plenty of eye-catching plants in the windows. Drinks are also served plastic-free, probably putting into action their environmentalist ideas.

Prospero’s Book Shop and Café

If you’re one avid book lover, you should ensure that you create time for book reading as you travel to Georgia. In this case, Prospero’s Book Shop and Café should be your café of choice. The café stocks a wide range of English books and set off in a small courtyard within the city.

As you enjoy reading, you can savor the delicious food and drinks served by the café. This makes the café a good place to sit, work, relax, and read with peace of mind. The bookshop has a vast collection of fiction books alongside those with Georgian history and culture. There is also an excellent collection of children’s sections.

Café Memo

If you are looking for a good working place, the Café Memo should be your café of choice. It is a hip little café recently opened in Vake, a cool neighborhood surrounding the Vake Park that offers a relaxed space with very delicious food. The café also offers a small collection of books for interested tourists to read as they enjoy their coffee. During the evenings, piano sounds in the background make it a good place to wind up your tiresome and engaging touring day.

Factory 27

Street lovers will like the Factory 27 café for many reasons. The café offers a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the Tbilisi city with for some calm retreat. The café has both indoor and outdoor settings with easy to spot graffiti-covered walls drawn by the popular Georgian artist Tam Oonz.

This cafes in Tbilisi features both local and international menu. On the international menu, delicious burgers, salads, sandwiches, dips, falafels, and soups are on the list. For its setting, food, and graffiti markings, the Factory 27 is a great place to spend your free time during the trip.

The Bottom Line

Identifying the best summer cafes to visit while on a trip to Tbilisi during the hot summer weather is a prudent decision for every tourist. During this period, the majority of locals are escaping the hot weather in the city, heading to the mountains, or the black sea for some refreshing breezes. This presents a great opportunity to explore the town fully without much congestion.

If you had planned an organized trip with a tour travel company, make sure to point out the exact cafes you’d like to dine. However, for self-tours, you will probably have to identify the cafes, get directions, and find your means to the café.

Try to visit a good number of these restaurants and order the best food associated with each café. You should sample both local and international menus for the best experience in Georgia of Europe.

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