Love, Sex and dating culture in Georgia

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Love, Sex and dating culture in Georgia

IMPORTANT: Tour Guide Georgia DOES NOT arrange or in any other form participate in providing sexual services.

As one article put it, Georgia is mind-blowingly gorgeous and that applies to both the landscape and the people. Every country is different in terms of its customs with dating and sex, Georgia is no different. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture then it’s vital that you know all about dating in Georgia so that you don’t embarrass yourself and treat Georgian girls with dignity and respect.

Here we look at some key tips that will help you to understand how to date and what is expected of you. By the time you get to the end, you’ll know everything you need to know about Georgian dating culture.

Don’t be crude

It’s important to have self-respect and don’t be too overbearing when you meet someone in Georgia. That involves dressing smartly and not making any crude remarks about her body and how she is dressed.

It’s a good idea to let her know about your feelings but don’t be too pushy. Pick-up lines, having a big masculine ego or inappropriate touching is never a good idea. Be relaxed and if she likes you, you’ll get the right signals.

Dating customs

Like in many counties now, the expectation that the women will expect the man to pay will be dwindling. Some women will see this as a nice gesture whereas others will want to pay their share. It’s a great idea to offer but don’t be stubborn if she doesn’t want you too.

Some shy Georgian girls would like to bring their friends on a first date for comfort and reassurance. They wouldn’t do it unless you ask them to but knowing this might be quite helpful if you really like someone. If she does want to bring someone with her, embrace it and get to know her friends as well. If they like you, she’ll be much more likely to want more dates.

It’s fair to say that Georgian girls aren’t ‘easy’ and if you want to have sex in Georgia, hoping for it on the first date will most likely be futile. Also, a lot of young Georgians live with their parents and don’t be surprised or put off if they call to check on them, it’s completely normal.

Religion and dating

Georgia is a strongly religious country. Around 84% of Georgia’s population practices orthodox Christianity and that can lead to some traditional beliefs such as no sex before marriage. Like a lot of Christian countries, this practice is getting rarer but it can mean that a Georgian girl will not give in to temptation easily.

If you come from a country where sex is expected quickly then you may be disappointed. You shouldn’t take this as a negative and instead, you should simply be more patient. Many girls will want to keep their purity until marriage or a serious relationship is expected, and you should respect this.

Can you have a one-night stand?

As you can imagine from what we’ve gone through already, one-night stands tend to be a lot rarer than in other more liberal countries. You shouldn’t be too forward with any girls and time should be taken to charm her and enjoy a nice night together or enjoy one of the many great places to visit in Georgia.

It would be easy to ruin any potential night together if you try and force the issue. Don’t be offended if you’re turned down as it’s more likely that she’ll want to date you rather than being a one-night stand. They are possible but it’s best to not expect them, even if you’re getting on very well with a girl.

How to dress

Georgia is a fairly modest country when it comes to how to dress. The likes of mini-skirts and revealing outfits aren’t expected. Instead, if you want to attract someone then it’s a better idea to dress fashionably instead of trying to be sexy.

This modestly also extends to alcohol and getting drunk and being loud will never be a good look. Be confident in what you’re wearing, don’t go over the top and don’t wear too much makeup if you want to blend in with Georgian dating culture.

Post-sex courtesy

As with any form of sexual interaction, it’s good to know what you’re letting yourself in for. If she knows you’re enjoying tourism in Georgia then a relationship is not expected but if you’re living in Georgia then you don’t want to give anyone the wrong impressions.

Georgians are friendly people and becoming Facebook friends or exchanging numbers is a great way to keep in touch. Just let her know your intentions. If you’ve managed to have sex with a Georgian girl then you most likely would have developed feelings for each other already, which makes it a lot easier.

Being gay in Georgia

For LBGT people in Georgia, those religious and modest beliefs can make life a little more difficult. There are plenty of places that you can hook up and it’s a great idea to do a little research. There is a significant homophobic sentiment and you need to be aware of this.

Public displays of affection between same-sex couples will be frowned upon, especially near religious buildings. Tbilisi held its first pride march in 2019 but that was 6 years after an LBGT group were beaten after a gathering. It’s important to bear that in mind but there are still many gay people in Georgia.

Tips on where to look for pick-ups

Georgia is the same as any big country in the fact that any city will have a wide variety of different bars that attract different types of people. There are more casual hipster bars where a more laid-back attitude is to be expected but there are also high-end clubs for dancing and high-heeled girls.

The best place for a pick up is anywhere that matches your style. If you love techno music then you’ll feel a lot more comfortable and will find girls with common interests in a techno bar. Wherever you are, you should follow the tips we looked at earlier.

In terms of dating, there will be many places in the cities to charm any women. If you’re staying in Tbilisi then there are a lot of great Tbilisi restaurants to visit. There are also many things to do in Georgia and even though your date may have seen them, they could well enjoy being your personal tour guide.


It’s illegal, and we don’t recommend it. As in most places where it’s illegal, it is still regularly available. For someone not used to Georgia, this can make it dangerous as you will have to go to streets and special saunas outside of your comfort zone.

Also, street workers will most likely be unsafe and the chances of infections are greatly increased. We’re sure there are cleaner options to pay for sex but this would require further research from you. It’s best to enjoy the beautiful Georgia country and try and charm the beautiful women without being tempted to pay for it.

Relax and enjoy yourself

It’s never going to be a good idea to pretend you’re something that you’re not and this is important in dating. Be yourself and don’t think that you have to try too hard to impress or think that Georgian girls will be impressed with the fact that you’re foreign.

You’ll be successful if you’re authentic, respectful and polite. Georgia is a wonderful country and women here have a lot of self-respect, can be quite modest but are also great fun. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to find success with dating in Georgia.

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