The hit series Harry Potter features the so-called Room of Requirements—a magical chamber that shifts into precisely what you require of it upon stepping inside. While such a mysterious room only exists within J.K. Rowling’s imagination, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call the country of GeorgiaRoom of Requirement for travelers and it’s not hard to see why.

Uncover the Treasure

Imposing castles with a rich history, striking landscapes that entice the senses, a youthful and energetic nightlife, and plenty more—vacation spots in Georgia are plentiful, and they offer a wide variety of options that are fit for even the most demanding of tastes.

Due to the endless options available for voyagers, figuring out the right places to visit in Georgia can be an overwhelming task. However, we at Tour Guide Georgia are committed to guaranteeing your wanderlust is clenched in the smoothest way possible.

Take a look at the many types of Georgian attractions waiting for your arrival.


As a country located in the heart of Transcaucasia, Georgia lies atop both the Greater and Lesser Caucasus ranges. Subsequently, most of the country’s terrain is mountainous, and a delight for those who seek adventures and natural beauty in them.

Mountain tourism in Georgia depends on the season, as the weather determines the possibilities for certain outdoor activities. In summer, you can enjoy activities such as zip line and mountain climbing, while winter is ideal for skiing or snowboarding.

Precisely due to its geography, there are endless regions and towns to explore in Georgia’s mountains. While many of them are well-kept secrets, some are amongst the most popular places to visit in Georgia, and a must in every traveler’s guide,

Tusheti: A remote high-mountain region, it remains almost isolated from the rest of the country, as it has been for centuries. Instead, it thrives through its small, yet lively and colorful villages. The picturesque landscapes and Instagram-worthy scenarios, as well as the breathtaking color shift during seasons, make Tusheti one of the most picturesque Georgian attractions, and nothing short of a hiking paradise for the most adventurous of us.

Mestia: With an elevation of 1,500 meters, this small townlet is surrounded by some of the highest and most impressive peaks of the Caucasus. Located in Upper Svaneti, its isolation preserves it and shields it from time. Medieval churches and fortresses thrive all around, making it valuable enough to figure in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The townlet also benefits from its location—it is blooming heaven in spring, and a winter wonderland in colder seasons.

Other mountain places to visit in Georgia: Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Bakhmaro, Mtiuleti, Kazbegi, Omalo.

Seaside & Sea Resorts

While mountain activities are the most well-known aspect of tourism in Georgia, this magical country is also a beach paradise.

The extensive border with the Black Sea conditions the weather, making it subtropical and mild throughout the year and across the seasons. Subsequently, Georgia’s seaside remains a perfect destination for summertime relaxation, outdoor sports, and lively beach activities.

The Georgian Riviera encompasses four regions—Adjara, Samegrelo, Guria, and Abkhazia. Across each of them, you can find multiple resort cities and towns, each of them boasting their architecture style, history, and entertainment centers.

Batumi: The capital city of the Adjara region, Batumi is the most prominent of all the seaside vacation spots in Georgia. Rising in prominence as holiday alternative all across the continents, the city was recognized as Europe’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination in 2019. From gorgeous beach resorts to beautiful historical monuments, not to mention endless sources of entertainment, Batumi has it all.

Guria: Particularly well-known for its numerous seaside resorts and charming coastal cities, Guria might be the smallest of Georgia’s regions, but makes up for it with diversity and energy. The Shekvetili Sea Resort is, perhaps, the most popular option for visitors. It has gorgeous beaches, multiple spas, and numerous entertainment centers all around.

Other seaside places to visit in Georgia: Kobuleti Sea Resort, Ureki Sea Resort, Kvariati Sea Resort, Gonio Sea Resort.

Ski Resorts

Once upon a time, skiing in Georgia was a well-kept secret that only a few knew about—a gorgeous yet often overlooked destination for winter sports enthusiasts all across Europe and Asia.

But things have changed. In the last few years, the country has shifted into one of the most sought-after vacation spots during wintertime.

Numerous experts have promoted ski resorts in Georgia, recognizing them worldwide for their high-quality installations, breathtaking beauty, and exceptional affordability. While all of these factors make them some of the best places to visit in Georgia, the real charm of the country’s ski resorts is their ability to help you build life-changing memories..

Gudauri Ski Resort: Located at 2,196 meters above sea level, the Gaudari Ski Resort is a five-star destination, suited for every taste and skill level. It is not only the highest and largest ski resort in the country, but it also provides services in English and is relatively close to Tbilisi.

Goderdzi Ski Resort: If Gudauri is Georgia’s most modern ski resort, Goderdzi is the country’s most iconic. Located at two hours from Batumi, skiing in this resort is not meant for beginners. Considerably less crowded than other resorts, this remote location also boasts of the longest ski season in the country, making it perfect for experienced visitors.

Other ski resorts to visit in Georgia: Hatsvali Ski Resort, Bakuriani Ski Resort, Mitarbi Ski Resort, Tetnuldi Ski Resort.

Health, Thermal, and Mineral Water Resorts

Some of the most popular Georgian attractions are, undoubtedly, those associated with health and wellness. This widespread popularity is a consequence of the country’s unique geographical circumstances.

Through its territory, the diverse ecosystem and mild climate guarantee even temperatures throughout the year, which aids against multiple illnesses. But beyond that, Georgia has a plethora of natural hot springs that run underneath the surface. Due to the combination of rich mineral properties and high temperatures, relaxing in these waters is proven to be therapeutic against circulatory, neurological, dermatological, and psychological diseases.

Give yourself a treat by exploring the healthiest and most relaxing of Georgia’s vacation spots.

Abanotubani Sulfur Baths: In Tbilisi, sulfur baths are nothing short of a way of life. The city’s name means warm location, and it references the abundant mineral water flowing underneath its ancient streets. The neighbor of Abanotubani within old Tbilisi is well-known for its thermal resorts and baths. Luckily for most tourists, it features a wide selection of options—from the cheapest thermal spa to the fanciest five-star treatments.

Borjomi: Home of the world-famous Borjomi water, this resort town once was the preferred vacation spot in Georgia for the royal Romanov family, not in small part due to the well-known healing properties of its springs. If health tourism is your focus, you cannot miss out Borjomi’s Mineral Water Park—a beautiful location meant to relax you and allow you to soak in the benefits of this renowned mineral water.

Other health, thermal, and mineral water places to visit in Georgia: Bazaleti Lake, Ureki Sea Resort, Bakhmaro.


To say Georgia has stunning lakes would be the understatement of the century. Equal parts alluring and magical, the ethereal beauty of these locations make them mainstays in the list of best Georgian attractions for tourists and locals alike.

Due to Georgia’s topographical structure, lakes all well-distributed all across its geography. Some of the lakes located in the meadows and lowlands of the country are touristic hotspots, enticing crowds of onlookers every year.

But that is not all.

Many of Georgia’s best lake destinations are secret treasures, hidden away from the general view. High up in the mountains, they require extensive hiking and are only apt for the most curious of explorers. However, the reward is the gorgeous sight that only a few can genuinely experience.

Bazaleti Lake: Located in the eponymous plateau, this magnificent lake is a mere hour away from Tbilisi. Due to its outstanding beauty and therapeutic properties, the area is one of the most popular places to visit in Georgia; a magnet for tourists seeking to relax and recover in a gorgeous environment. The lake is not connected to any river and instead sustains itself with rainfall and mineral-rich underground water.

Kvareli Lake Resort: Kakheti is the home of Kvareli Lake Resort, an oasis of splendor and relaxation right in the heart of the Alazani Valley. While the area has been privatized, the result is a high-class, elegant approach to outdoor activities, without sacrificing comfort and luxury.

Other lake vacation spots in Georgia: Ananuri, Abudelauri Lakes, Tobavarchkhili Lakes.


Canyons are large cracks on the ground that become deep valleys through time. While earthquakes can cause some of them, most of them are a result of the erosion created by rivers and other water bodies.

Due to its mountainous structure and abundant rivers and springs, many of the top vacation spots in Georgia are particularly magnificent canyons and gorges.

While you can find gorgeous canyons all across the country, if you are adventurous enough to explore off-track, there are a few hotspots that are worth paying a visit to.

Martvili: The Martvili Canyon is a recognized natural monument within the country, and one of the many places to visit in Georgia if you enjoy the outdoors. Located in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, this gorgeous canyon is reminiscent of a painting—crystal-clear water, lush greenery everywhere, and waterfalls that would be the delight of any nature enthusiast. It has a depth of 40 meters, and you can cross the bridges and explore the canyon by foot, or enjoy a boat tour that extends for over 300 meters on the river Abasha.

Okace. Also spelled Okatse, the Okace Canyon is yet another natural monument in Georgia, located in the Imereti region and only 50 km from Kutaisi. Okace is 100 meters deep, and you can explore the lush greenery through a 700 meters long walk. However, be warned—although spectacular, the view is most certainly not apt for acrophobic visitors.

Other canyon vacation spots in Georgia: Khevi.

Nature & Wildlife

With great power comes great responsibility, and Georgia’s natural beauty is not the exception to this rule.

The country of Georgia has miles of forests, mountains, and meadows where critical natural phenomena converge, so it’s not a surprise that up to 7% of its territory consists of protected areas. Unsurprisingly, many of them are idyllic places to visit in Georgia, for tourists and nationals alike.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find themselves in heaven while exploring the nature available within Georgia. With 19 managed nature reserves, 14 natural monuments, and 11 national parks, discovering the whirlwind of colors and picturesque landscape is an immense challenge, but a highly rewarding one.

Tusheti National Park: Tusheti, in the Kakheti region, features a plethora of protected natural areas, including a strict nature reserve and a protected landscape. However, tourists can visit and explore the Tusheti National Park to their heart’s content. Rich in natural beauty and cultural value, visiting the Tusheti National Park means encountering endangered local fauna, as well as the wondrous traditions of the nomadic communities that inhabit the lands, and many other Georgian attractions in harmony with nature.

Lagodekhi: The Lagodekhi National Park is composed of two locations—the Managed Nature Reserve, and the Strict Nature Reserve. These protected areas are also located in Kakheti, and remain some of the oldest recognized reserves within Georgian territory. Featuring numerous hiking trails, you can witness the ethereal beauty of the Black Grouse and Ninoskhevi waterfalls, enjoy the journey towards the Black Rock Lake, or behold the imposing Machi Fortress.

Other nature and wildlife places to visit in Georgia: Kazbegi, Svaneti, Mtiuleti, Guria.

Historic Sites

The country of Georgia has an intricate history that spans across millennia. Centuries fighting for their freedom and their right to exist as a nation have made Georgians proud of their culture and journey. Now it’s your turn to take a glimpse at it.

Struggles, sacrifices, strength, and unity are the backbone of Georgian society. Luckily, the events that have shaped the lives of this society have left permanent reminders, making them some of the best vacation spots in Georgia.

Regardless of your particular field of interest, Georgia’s historic sites are comprehensive and abundant—from prehistoric locations to the splendor of the Middle Ages, and even solemn reminders of the Soviet era.

Gelati Monastery: Beyond being a religious structure with spiritual value, the Gelati Monastery also remains one of the most historically significant buildings within the country of Georgia. Such is its importance that it has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and not without reason. Built in 1106, it is the masterpiece of Georgia’s Golden Age and, during this time, the epicenter of the country’s cultural development. It’s the resting place of David IV the Builder and Tamar the Great, overseers of Georgia’s splendor.

Khevsureti: Well-known for its remote location, the Khevsureti region lies up north within the country of Georgia, sharing a border with Chechnya. Nearly inaccessible during winter, Khevsureti has preserved its historical uniqueness and symbols precisely due to its distance from the rest of the country. With less than 3,000 perennial inhabitants, visiting Khevsureti is almost akin to a journey to the past. You’ll see medieval fortresses everywhere, unique architectural styles, and a population that respects and preserves their ancient traditions.

Other historic places to visit in Georgia: Prometheus Cave, Vardzia, David Gareji, Gori.

Cave Cities

Undoubtedly, cave cities are some of the most impressive human-made structures from days long gone. They are a testament to human ingenuity, as well as a culture’s creative way to establish efficient settlements in harmony with nature.

By taking advantage of natural processes taking place upon rocks and other sediments, historic Georgians could build some of the most central cave cities known to humankind. They provided shelter, were cost and energy-efficient, and, most importantly, stand the test of time in all their dignified glory.

These architectural masterpieces hold an essential historical and cultural value, their beauty turning them into outstanding vacation spots in Georgia.

Vardzia: Magnificent in its complexity and mysticism, the Vardzia Cave Monastery seems as if it was built by fantastic creatures from a children’s fairytale book. Constructed between the 12th and 13th centuries, most of its development was executed during the splendorous rule of Tamar the Great. The Vardzia complex includes churches, rock villages, cemeteries, and outstanding medieval artwork.

David Gareji: Built in the eponymous Mount Gareji, this complex—also known as Davit Gareja—is nothing short of majestic and imposing. Located in the Kakheti region near the border with Azerbaijan, David Gareji boasts of incredible historical, cultural, and religious importance, making it a fundamental Georgian attraction. Beyond being a medieval architectural feat, you can also enjoy the beauty of the Udabno Monastery’s frescos, the Chapel of Resurrection, or the gorgeous view.

Other cave cities in Georgia: Uplistsikhe.

Religious Sites

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say religion is an intrinsic part of Georgian culture, identity, and national strength. Many of the country’s cultural advancements, infrastructural developments, and national unity is a consequence of profound belief.

Georgia is overwhelmingly Orthodox Christian, and it reflects on its touristic hotspots. Most of the architectural wonders of the country are Christian monasteries and churches. However, you can also find ancient mosques, reminders of Islamic influence within the country.

Despite the apparent predominance of Christianity in any list of religious places to visit in Georgia, the country is also known as a place with a long-standing tradition of religious harmony. As such, folks of all beliefs are welcomed to rejoice in the beauty of these cities and structures.

Mtskheta: Although Tbilisi is the country’s capital nowadays, Mtskheta held that title in the past. In a way, it still does—as the country’s spiritual center. Located half an hour away from Tbilisi, the city gathers three splendorous orthodox churches—Jvari Monastery, Samtavro Monastery, and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. It also hosts the tomb of Saint Nino, perhaps one of the most revered saints within the country’s Orthodox Church. For these reasons, the historical monuments of Mtskheta are part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Alaverdi Monastery: Located in the Alazani-River valley, the Alaverdi Cathedral is a religious jewel amidst the lush greenery of the Kakheti region. While the monastery itself was first built in the 6th century, nowadays, only a few parts of the original construction remain. The structure, as we know it, dates to the 11th century. Beyond its historical and religious value, its stunning beauty makes it a worthy destination. Similarly, the monks are known for their delicious wine—Alaverdi Monastery Cellar.

Other religious places to visit in Georgia: David Gareji, Gergeti Trinity Church, Gelati Monastery, Bagrati Cathedral.


Georgian attractions are rich in historical, cultural, artistic, architectonic, and natural resources. However, beyond appreciating their beauty, it’s imperative to preserve many of these wondrous elements and keep the knowledge about them accessible for tourists and locals alike.

Keeping this in mind, museums become some of the most iconic vacation spots in Georgia, a must-visit for any tourist with a thirst for knowledge and culture alike.

Although most iconic museums within Georgia are located in the capital Tbilisi, you can find locations worth visiting all across the country. Luckily, a visit to the museum is quite affordable, and there are options suited for every interest.

Gori: Joseph Stalin was one of history’s most notorious men, regardless of the controversy his name may bring upon. His hometown, Gori, has long since then become synonymous with his name and is one of the most popular places to visit in Georgia. The town now hosts the State Museum of Joseph Stalin, containing over 60,000 exhibits associated with the life of the Soviet ruler. Likewise, it also displays the Historical-Ethnographic Museum, a delight for any history lover.

Rabati Castle: Renovations and transformations have marked the history of the Rabati Castle and its corresponding museum. Originally called Akhaltsikhe Castle, it was built in the 9th century, but then rebuilt and transformed during the 17th century by the Ottomans. After many centuries of glory, it lost its strategical importance under the rule of the Russian Empire and slowly decayed—until today. From 2011 onwards, the Georgian government has led restoration efforts to preserve the castle and opened a museum to display its historical importance and the battles it played a crucial role in.

Other museums to visit in Georgia: Vardzia.


Wine in Georgia is more than a simple drink or an export product—it’s a way of life.

Taking this into consideration, it’s almost befitting that Georgia has been certified as the birthplace of wine, dating back to roughly 8,000 years ago. The fertile valleys and meadows of the country are some of the oldest winemaking regions known, granting them the respect and appreciation of sommeliers all around the world.

Even better, Georgians have ensured to keep their traditional winemaking methods as faithful to ancient times as possible, guaranteeing a unique flavor and experience. In 2013, the UNESCO recognized the qvevri technique as a representative of humanity’ Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Explore the best of these grapevine regions, delight yourself with a unique type of wine, and don’t miss out on one of the best Georgia attractions available.

Kakheti: If Georgia is the birthplace of wine, then Kakheti is undoubtedly its cradle. Known as the most prominent winemaking region within Georgia, Kakheti produces a significant portion of the country’s most well-known varieties. Some of the most famed wines from the region are Mukuzani, Tsinandali, Akhasheni, amongst others. You can unleash your sommelier qualities and delight yourself in these unique tastes through the many wine tours available within the region.

Racha Lechkhumi: Size is truly irrelevant—despite being Georgia’s smallest wine region, Racha Lechkhumi boasts of significant importance when it comes to winemaking. The particular types of grapes that grow in the region have high sugar content, making the wine exceptionally sweet. While plenty of towns and cities in the area produce their wine, Nikortsminda is a fantastic starting point for this flavorful journey.

Other winery places to visit in Georgia: Telavi.

City Sites & Nightlife

Amidst the natural wonders and historic structures, you might believe Georgia is a touristic destination only suited for those that seek rustic adventures or historical knowledge.

Nothing further from the truth.

While Georgia boasts of numerous rural villages and small towns all across the countryside, it also features many cities with exciting destinations and a booming, modern party scene.

Whether you prefer daytime or nighttime adventures, Georgia’s most significant cities are a hotspot for entertainment options that suit even the most exigent of tastes.

Tbilisi: Thriving with energy and full of charm, there is no doubt that the capital city boasts of some of the best Georgia attractions. During the daytime, you can enjoy the view of the city in the Mtatsminda Park, visit the whimsical Rezo Gabriadze Theatre, or take a dip in the legendary Sulphur baths. At night, Tbilisi boasts of a clubbing scene that can rival some of the biggest cities in Europe. Tourists can visit emblematic clubs such as BASSIANI and Mtkvarze Club, or visit the best casinos of the city.

Kutaisi: Only second to Tbilisi, Kutaisi is a thriving city with a plethora of activities to enjoy through the day and night. While the sun is out, you can admire the architectural beauty of the Bagrati Cathedral, enjoy performance arts in the Kutaisi State Opera and Ballet Theater, or take a leisure walk in one of its many parks. The nightlife in Kutaisi is not as dynamic as Tbilisi’s, but it’s equally charming. You can taste Georgian wines in local bars, such as Sapere or Satsnakheli, or visit nightclubs such as Club #B12.

Other city sites and nightlife places to visit in Georgia: Batumi, Kobuleti Sea Resort.

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